The Mans Decree (chinese) 3947

One must know that Liu Shitong was the most powerful among the deacon disciples, and now he was also the favoured disciple of the new sect master!

Which ungrateful outer disciple would choose Liu Shitong to challenge him?

Wasn’t it obvious that he was bound to lose?

The referee elder glanced at Kai and said, “Could it be that the one who proposed the challenge is this disciple?”

Kai was only at the fourth level of the Transition Realm, so it was impossible to challenge Liu Shitong no matter how one looked at it!

The difference in cultivation was a bit too much, following Liu Shitong, he was afraid that he wouldn’t even be able to defeat him in a single move!

“Not bad, that’s him!”

Liu Shitong nodded!

“Then what’s the point of comparing, this match is meaningless, with this realm gap, I’m afraid you’ll just slap him to death with one hand.”

The referee elder said in a bored manner!

This kind of match where the realm gap was too large was simply not interesting to watch!

It ended with the lifting of a hand, making them, the referee elders, feel uninterested as well!

“Referee Elder, even if I pinch him to death with a single finger, I still need to go through the motions and processes, or else someone will be unconvinced.”

Liu Shitong sneered and glanced at Kai!

But Kai’s eyes were filled with a calm look, and there were a few mocking smiles at the corners of his mouth!

“Alright then, let’s begin!”

After the Referee Elder finished speaking, one hand gently pressed down on a palm-sized stone!

Soon, a light suddenly lit up as several formations wrapped the martial arts platform!

With the formations activated, Kai and the others could begin, and no matter what the fight was like inside, it would not affect the outside!

Similarly, there was no way for the people outside to affect the people on the martial arts stage!

Seeing the array activated, Wei Qing and Qian Xiu tensed up, they were still trying to stop Kai, now that the array was activated, there was no way for them to stop it!

Looking around at the activated formations, Liu Shitong then smiled coldly and said, “Kid, I didn’t think that you are really a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers, but today I am going to take you to set up an example, you kid deserves to be unlucky, so don’t complain to me when you die.”

Liu Shitong’s aura of the eighth rank of the Transition Realm surged up on his body, and the entire martial arts stage was filled with Liu Shitong’s aura!

“You want to kill me?”

Kai laughed coldly!

“Nonsense, a newcomer like you dares to offend me, how can I convince the public if I don’t kill you.”

“But you can also not die, as long as you kneel down and beg me now, and join our lineage, I can keep you alive.”

Liu Shitong said!

He could also let Kai live, after all, Kai was a rich second generation, if he joined their lineage, he could still take the opportunity to collect a fortune!

“Bah, what kind of thing are you, just don’t kneel down and beg me not to kill you in a while.”

Kai spat viciously!

That arrogant look pissed off that Liu Shitong half to death!

“Senior Liu, slap him to death, this guy is too crazy.”

Lu San shouted!

Wei Qing and Qian Xiu all of them had nervous faces.

“This Junior Brother, why is his mouth so hard, he obviously can’t beat him, so he can’t be honest.”

Qian Xiu was very puzzled!

“This little junior brother must have come from a big family and was pampered since childhood, he doesn’t know what fear is at all.”

Wei Qing looked at Kai’s appearance, as well as Kai’s broad-mindedness once he made a move, and guessed that Kai must be the son of some big family!

Growing up in fine clothes, he had not suffered any setbacks, which was why he was so arrogant!

But this was the Purple Flame Sect, Kai was going to suffer if he was still so arrogant!

“Kid, die!”

Liu Shitong was enraged and his figure instantly disappeared in place!

Immediately after that, a figure was seen, heading straight towards Kai, slapping his palm towards him!

A ferocious aura surged towards Kai like a tsunami!

Liu Shitong’s other hand, directly behind his back, looked like he intended to slap Kai to death with one hand!

Looking at Liu Shitong, who came with a face full of grimace, the corner of Kai’s mouth raised a cold smile!

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