The Mans Decree (chinese) 3948

With a gentle wave of his palm, Liu Shitong only felt a white light flashing up in front of his eyes, and the next thing he knew, he realised that Kai had arrived in front of his eyes!

“Die ……”

Liu Shitong slapped his palm at Kai!

This palm, directly penetrated Kai’s body, yet Kai seemed to be fine at all!

Liu Shitong was shocked and attacked towards Kai once again!

And Kai simply did not fight back, allowing Liu Shitong to keep attacking him!

“What’s wrong with Senior Brother Liu? Has he lost his mind? Why is he making random moves on the martial arts stage by himself?”

Someone asked at Lu San!

Lu San was also full of confusion at the moment, only to see that Liu Shitong was in front of Kai, constantly waving his palms!

But Kai was not far in front of Liu Shitong, and he did not move at all!

He looked at Liu Shitong like he was a monkey.

Wei Qing and Qian Xiu, they were all full of surprise as well, confused as to what exactly this Liu Shitong was doing!

“Senior Brother Wei Qing, is this Liu Shitong committing an illness?”

Qian Xiu asked!

“This …… this Liu Shitong hasn’t heard of any illnesses either? Could it be …………”

Wei Qing looked like he thought of something, and his eyes widened instantly!

“Could it be how?” Qian Xiu asked curiously!

“Could it be that this Liu Shitong was hit by an illusion, the whole person was in an illusion, that’s why he became like this.”

Wei Qing analysed!

“Illusion? How could he have been hit by an illusion?”

Qian Xiu was still full of doubts!

“Senior sister, you’re too stupid, of course it’s the illusion spell that junior junior brother cast, directly causing that Liu Shitong to be trapped.”

“So Junior Senior Brother had already had a plan, no wonder he wasn’t afraid of that Liu Shitong at all.”

Wei Qing said with admiration.

“Is Junior Brother still a formation master? By the way it’s impossible ah, he’s also too young, how could he become a formation master.”

Qian Xiu frowned slightly, looking at Kai on the martial arts stage with a puzzled expression!

“Senior Sister, Junior Brother might have the jade slip of that illusion technique on him, as long as he activates that jade slip, the illusion technique will follow.”

“Don’t forget that Junior Senior Brother is very rich, so it’s quite possible that he spent a lot of money to buy some formation jade slips.”

Wei Qing explained!

“Right, right, right, that should be it ……”

Qian Xiu finally understood now!

And at this moment, Liu Shitong was on the stage, like a monkey, jumping up and down as if he was competing with someone, but in fact, only he himself was striking.

Kai stood not far away, his hands clasped in front of his chest, his face full of mockery!

Soon, Liu Shitong was sweating profusely, obviously almost depleted, and with a face full of grimace, constantly yelling and screaming!

In Liu Shitong’s eyes, he realised that no matter how much he hit Kai, there was no way to knock him down!

This made Liu Shitong almost collapse!

Just as Liu Shitong was yelling, Kai finally moved!

One could only see Kai leaping up, followed by a vicious kick on the back of that Liu Shitong!

Liu Shitong was like a dog’s shit as he directly plopped down on the martial arts stage.

Kai stepped on Liu Shitong with one foot and waved his hand towards the stage in a victorious manner!

At this moment, the people under the stage all looked surprised and incredulous!

Even those few referee elders had a dumbfounded look on their faces, looking at the scene on the martial arts stage, they forgot to announce the results!

“Awesome, junior brother is awesome!”

“Awesome, Junior Brother is the best, I love you ……”

“Hahaha, dog eat shit, the eighth rank of the Transitional Realm can’t beat the fourth rank of the Transitional Realm, what a joke!”

Wei Qing and the others cheered excitedly!

After the shock, Wei Qing hurriedly shouted to the referee elder, “Elder, the winner and loser are divided, isn’t it time to announce the results?”

“This …………”

The referee elder was filled with embarrassment, not knowing how to announce it!

As for Liu Shitong, who was trampled under his feet, he also came to his senses from the illusion at this moment, and seeing this embarrassing appearance he was in, he immediately shouted angrily, “Kid, you dare to shade me, I’ll kill you ……”

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