The Mans Decree (chinese) 3949

Accompanied by Liu Shitong’s roar, flames immediately burned on his body!

Kai’s figure retreated backwards rapidly, while that Liu Shitong took the opportunity to get up, the flames transformed into a long sword and swung towards Kai!

“If you want to become an inner disciple of the Purple Flame Sect, you must use the Supreme Fire to defeat me, using illusions to speculate, shameful!”

As he attacked Kai, Liu Shitong yelled!

He did so in order to tell the crowd that he had been hit by Kai’s illusionary art, and that it was not because he was not as skilled as he was!

“So this guy used an illusion technique on Senior Brother Liu, how shameful.”

“No wonder Senior Brother Liu just acted like a fool.”

“It’s not real skill to use illusionary techniques in a match at the Violet Flame Sect.”

Lu San and the others immediately accused Kai!

Obviously, this was Liu Shitong making excuses for himself, and it had to be difficult for Kai to defeat him with Supreme Fire!

But now that even the referee elders weren’t saying anything, what else could Wei Qing and the others do?

Only to see Liu Shitong chopping at Kai with a sword, this sword instantly caused space to tremble, and the entire martial arts stage was shrouded in flames!

Kai’s feet gave a gentle lurch and the entire person instantly disappeared, then flames were seen rising above Kai’s feet!

Kai used the Royal Fire Steps and dodged Liu Shitong’s attack!

Liu Shitong’s face was filled with rage as he missed with his sword!

Kai had not dared to reveal his full strength just now, the reason why he had utilised the illusion just now was to make the crowd think that he had won by speculation!

But who would have thought that that referee elder would not rule at all, nor would he judge that Liu Shitong to have lost!

Now Liu Shitong was not allowed to use illusions and could only use the Supreme Fire, this was simply too shameless!

Kai couldn’t use the Purple Flame Sect’s Supreme Fire yet, and if he did, he was afraid that he would be investigated!

Regardless of whether it was the Earth’s Core Supreme Fire, the Devil’s Supreme Fire, or the Extreme Cold Ice Flame, Kai couldn’t be too exposed either!

The Purple Flame Sect originally cultivated fire techniques, so if Kai exposed too much of the Supreme Fire, he would definitely be suspected and even arrested for research!

At this time, Kai could only temporarily use the Royal Fire Steps to dodge, fortunately, the Royal Fire Steps also belonged to one of the fire techniques, that Liu Shitong could not say anything!

“Junior brother, this fire technique of the feet is really bull, how fast is it?”

Qian Xiu couldn’t help but sigh when he saw Kai’s fire resisting step.

“What kind of gong method is this? How come I’ve never seen Master use it, I’ll have Master teach me too, it’s too fast.”

Wei Qing was also filled with envy as he looked at the Royal Fire Steps executed by Kai!

He thought that this was taught by Elder Yu, but he didn’t know that this was a real Immortal Technique, not to mention Elder Yu, even their Sect Master didn’t know it!

What’s more, this Royal Fire Steps Kai did not use his full strength, nor did he learn all of it.

The real learning of the Royal Fire Steps, that is a step of a thousand miles, instantaneous movement!

And at this time on the martial arts stage, Liu Shitong was infuriated by Kai!

He didn’t know what kind of fire technique Kai was using, but he was so fast that he couldn’t hit or catch him at all, just like a loach!

“Flying Feathers in the Sky ……”

Liu Shitong shouted, the long sword in his hand erupted a flame, the flame shot straight up into the clouds, then fell from the sky, turning into a roiling flame, like a downpour!

Seeing this, Kai also instantly used the to fire to transform into a sword, followed by a wave of the sword upwards!

From the ground, countless flames rose up into the sky, directly following Liu Shitong’s roiling flames and colliding together!

Booms continued to roar as the flames wielded by Kai followed Liu Shitong’s flames, colliding and disappearing in mid-air!

Just like fireworks, it erupted into a flash of light and dissipated!

As Liu Shitong watched this scene, his entire person became hideous!

This move of his, surprisingly, could not hurt Kai at all!

While the others saw this scene, they were all silent as well!

Even Wei Qing and the rest of them were not speaking, they all thought that Kai had used an illusion to shade Liu Shitong!

But now, the two sides were in a real clash of strengths!

Surprisingly, Kai had not lost the battle either!

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