The Strongest War God – Chapter 731

Chapter 731: My Hands Haven’t Been Stained with Blood for a Long Time!

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What was Zavier Leach saying?

He actually said that the fate of the country was in danger and that he had to kill the country’s traitor!

This was like saying that Braydon was a traitor!

How could the men of the Northern Army not be angry?

Syrus Yanagi asked Zavier to repeat what he had said.

Did Zavier dare to repeat it?

He did not dare!

If he dared to say another word, Syrus would chop him up in front of his father.

“In the era before the First Nation, the divine power was above the imperial power. They used the name of the gods to fool the world.”

Martial Emperor Yanagi took a deep look at Zavier and said slowly to calm the anger of the Northern Army men.

Braydon had inherited Martial Emperor Yanagi’s legacy!

Braydon had grown up under Martial Emperor Yanagi’s careful guidance.

King Braydon was young and influential in the capital. The name of King Braydon resounded throughout Hansworth.

The word ‘traitor’ had nothing to do with Braydon!

“If my brother was a traitor, the leader of the nine departments would have died long ago in the capital!” Westley Hader said indifferently with his hands behind his back.

“If my brother was a traitor, you dissidents would have died 800 times over!”

Tobey Lapras was still angry.

“Enough!” Martial Emperor Yanagi suppressed his anger and said.

With a cold shout, everyone stopped arguing.

The most important thing now was that the tenth layer of national fate had appeared on the summit of Mount Tanish.

The national fate that stretched for thousands of miles rumbled like the wrath of the heavens.

A cool breeze gradually rose, turning into a gale that swept across Mount Tanish.

The white-robed youth, King Braydon, and the white-robed Sadie stood side by side on the peak of Mount Tanish like a celestial couple.

Sadie Dudley’s cherry lips opened slightly, and she said gently, “With your talent, attracting the fate of Hansworth is a courtesy that you deserve!” Different people had different perspectives and views!

At the foot of Mount Tanish, Zavier and the others regarded the fate of the country as a calamity!

However, Sadie regarded the tenth layer of national fate as the treatment that a proud son of heaven like Braydon deserved.

Ten layers of national fate being carried by one person.

There was no one like him in the past or the future.

Only King Braydon could carry it.

Braydon smiled tenderly and said, “The tenth wave of national fate is a fatal calamity. I’ve used all my trump cards and have no other means to deal with the tenth wave of national fate. Sadie, you should leave. I’m not confident that I can protect you.”

“I’ll protect you!”

Sadie smiled sweetly, stunning Mount Tanish.

Perhaps her smile belonged to Braydon alone.

Outsiders had never seen the smile of the master of Kylo.

In the minds of thousands of pinnacles from hundreds of countries outside the borders, the master of Kylo, this white-clothed girl, was the most terrifying martial artist in the world.

This girl was almost like an immortal.

A hundred years had passed, but she still looked the same. Time had not left any traces on her.

She had been sitting alone on the peak of Kylo for countless years. Ever since the riot a hundred years ago, a global ban had been issued, and all the pinnacles were to hide their whereabouts and not reveal themselves.

A hundred years had passed, and the girl in white was born again. However, she had a younger brother that she wanted to protect forever.

This little brother was Braydon!

The tenth layer of national fate was about to descend, and it was already a fatal calamity.

Braydon was a human, not a God. He had used all his trump cards and was unable to withstand the tenth wave of national fate. He was unable to protect

Sadie, so he wanted her to leave.

Little did he know that Sadie had always wanted to protect him!

When Braydon was seven years old, Sadie went to the northern territory and protected him until today.

Braydon had protected Luke Yates, Frediano Jadanza, and Jonah Shaw since they were young.

Sadie was also protecting Braydon!

If Braydon did not leave the northern territory, Sadie would protect him for the rest of her life.

Even after he left the northern territory, Sadie did not hesitate to break her promise and leave Mount Bliz to protect him. Certain fates were intertwined forever!

A single glance meant a lifetime!

On the altar, Braydon’s pupils constricted when he heard Sadie’s words. He said in shock and anger, “Sadie, what are you going to do?”

“I’ll bear the tenth layer of national fate for you!”

Sadie smiled gently. Her beautiful smile was fixed in Braydon’s mind. Her left hand pinched Braydon’s nose with her slender fingers. Her toes tapped the ground lightly, and her white clothes were like a fairy’s shadow as she received the tenth layer of national fate.

The tenth layer of the nation’s fate underwent another change!

The country’s fate that stretched for thousands of miles had fused with the vast might of the country.

The previous few waves of national fate had manifested, so the tenth layer of national fate was no exception.

A thousand miles of national fate transformed into a heavenly blade! The fate of the country was like a blade, blending with the might of the country.

It transformed into a three-foot-long invisible heavenly blade.

The might of the heavenly blade was like the wrath of the heavens.

This was a calamity!

As the heavenly blade descended, Mount Tanish sank by a hundred meters. The martial artists around Mount Tanish all spat out blood, and their vision went black as if they had been hit hard.

The heavenly blade had yet to land, but the remaining power was already terrifying enough.

Sadie’s tender and fair hands were wearing a pair of silk gloves that were as thin as cicada wings.

Perhaps this was Sadie’s weapon!

Kylo silk could be used to make inner armor and even clothes and accessories.

The moment the national fate turned into a heavenly blade, all the pinnacle experts outside the borders were terrified.

The heavenly blade instantly descended.

If an expert like Donovan Dudley dared to go up against the sword light that was as vast as the sky, he would die.

The invisible heavenly blade was solid in the eyes of all the martial artists.

It was like a sword left behind by the heavens.

The blade fell on the earth, trying to kill Braydon.

However, this blade was blocked by a pair of girl’s hands.

Sadie stood in mid-air, her white clothes fluttering in the wind. She raised her snow-white arm and spread out her slender fingers, blocking the heavenly blade formed by the tenth layer of national fate with one palm.

The tip of the blade collided with the palm, and a huge shock wave surged out like a circular barrier.

The vast pressure became stronger and stronger, like ripples in the water.

Sadie’s face was still as calm as ever. A trace of scarlet blood appeared at the corner of her thin lips.

When the national fate’s heavenly blade descended, Sadie blocked it with her own strength. This was a heaven-defying move.

The heavenly blade was blocked.

She was also injured!

Killing intent filled the eyes of the 1,000 pinnacle martial artists outside the borders.

If they could take the opportunity to kill the master of Kylo, to the hundreds of countries outside the borders, it might be more important than killing King Braydon.

The foreign pinnacles were restless. Almost in an instant, hundreds of people looked at each other and knew what each other was thinking. They all wanted to take the opportunity to attack Sadie.

The entire place was filled with a murderous aura.

Someone shouted, “Attack!”

“Kill the master of Kylo first, then kill King Braydon!”

The old pinnacles of the Zeta Empire naturally viewed the Hansworth martial artists as enemies.

Both sides had a national feud!

In an instant, more than a hundred foreign pinnacle experts attacked Mount Tanish.

Another battle erupted.

There were blonde, blue-eyed, muscular men, silver-haired, old Eastern women, bronze-skinned monks, ninja pinnacles, and Western knight-like martial artists.

Without exception, a hundred pinnacle experts attacked the altar.

Braydon turned around and held the Northern King Sword in his left hand. He said coldly, “You guys have a death wish!”

“My hands haven’t been stained with blood for a long time. Every time I kill someone, I feel uncomfortable for a long time, and it makes me vomit!”

Sadie’s voice was like the sound of nature. She held the invisible heavenly blade formed by the national fate in her hand and blossomed with her charm.

Her white clothes danced as her vitality was released!

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