The Strongest War God – Chapter 732

Chapter 732: She Wants to Protect Him for the Rest of Her Life!

Sadie Dudley, who was like a fairy, suppressed this world with her vitality pressure.

Beneath Mount Tanish, Tristan Yandell was holding a precision device in his hand. There was a snowflake crack on the screen, but numbers still appeared.

The red value was 910,000 Na!

Sadie had a vitality of 910,000 Na!

This was the terror of the master of Kylo!

It was not without reason that the pinnacle experts outside the borders regarded Sadie as someone close to an immortal!

Sadie’s strength alone was 10,000 times stronger than Martial Emperor Yanagi and Sawyer Quail.

What terrifying strength.

Sadie was able to withstand the might of the heavens head-on. This was the confidence she had.

Tristan looked at the value on the device and swallowed his saliva. He said in horror, “Sadie’s vitality is so terrifying!”


Martial Emperor Yanagi was horrified.

As Braydon’s teacher, he finally realized that the strongest person behind Braydon was not himself or Winslow Jansky!

It was Kylo’s Sadie!

Such a terrifying figure had lived on Mount Bliz for a long time, and no one in the outside world knew about it.

At first, the outside world thought that the most mysterious person in the Northern Army was the grim-faced youth, Skylar Neal, who was the commander of the tenth legion.

Now, it seemed that it was just a smokescreen.

The most terrifying person in the Northern Army was this girl in white.

Sadie stood in midair, blocking the heavenly blade with her left hand. She turned around and struck out with her palm.


The invisible heavenly blade shifted, and the position of its descent changed.

Unfortunately, the national fate’s heavenly blade landed right in front of the 100 pinnacles outside the border.

The power of the national fate’s heavenly blade was completely unleashed.

Terrifying sword Qi wreaked havoc in the world.

The hundred pinnacle experts outside the border instantly turned into corpses. Their bodies were swept by the sword Qi like it was swatting flies, and there were blade wounds all over their bodies.

The heavenly blade was formed by the tenth level of the nation’s fate.

In an instant, she killed a hundred foreign pinnacle experts.

Wherever the heavenly blade swung, no one could survive.

The initially dangerous situation was easily resolved by Sadie.

Sadie did not leave. Her clear eyes stared at the sky that was as bright as day. Her jade-like fingers gently brushed away her messy hair, revealing her small ears. Her cherry lips opened slightly. “Today is his birthday, and he has inherited the fate of the country. If the world has a spirit, how can you bear to hurt him!”

It was as if she was talking to the heavens, revealing how much Sadie cared about Braydon.

How could the fate of a country have spirituality!

The fate of the nation descended like a blade once again!

This time, a thousand miles of national fate transformed into three blades!

The three blades fell at the same time, and no one could block them!

Not even Sadie!

She would definitely die if she were to take on three blades formed by thousands of miles of national fate by herself.

Braydon stood behind Sadie and stared at the girl’s sharp shoulders. His left arm was wrapped around her slender waist, and he stood in front of her.

Their eyes met, and their noses touched!

Sadie was as calm as ever. Her cherry lips opened slightly. “Move aside!” “Sadie, you still don’t understand, do you? If the heavenly blade of the national fate doesn’t slash at me, even if you help me withstand the tenth layer of national fate, there’s still the eleventh layer!”

Braydon had just come to a sudden realization.

From the moment he was bestowed with the national fate, the national fate had already become a calamity, but it didn’t stop.

There must be a problem here!

Braydon’s left palm landed on Sadie’s flat abdomen.

Sadie flew out of Mount Tanish.

Almost in the next second, the three invisible heavenly blades formed by thousands of miles of national fate landed on Braydon’s body.

The first slash pierced through his back!

Braydon’s body stiffened, and blood flowed from the corner of his lips. Sensing the changes in his body, he said, “The first blade has cut off ten years of my lifespan!”

The soft voice fell.


The second slash landed on the same spot and the same wound.

Braydon’s body trembled violently, and he spat out blood. His face was as pale as a sheet of paper as he said softly, “The second blade has cut off my lifespan by a hundred years!”

He had to pay the price for carrying the fate of the country!

If Braydon didn’t take this blow, the fate of the country would still descend.

Braydon reforged the Nine Prefecture Cauldron as a Qilin, held the Qilin Nation Protection Seal alone, drew in the fate of the nation to forge a pinnacle physique, and even restarted the Qilin ranking.

Each of these things was something that countless geniuses could not achieve with their lifetime efforts!

Tonight, Braydon had done everything.

The old Daoist riding the green ox sighed softly. “His talent stuns thousands of years, and he will definitely be envied by the heavens!”

This light sentence seemed to reveal the essence of the matter.

Now, the third blade of the national fate had arrived in an instant.

Braydon didn’t resist and took it head-on.

Would the third slash take Braydon’s life?

No one could give an answer.

Sadie took light steps and crossed the night. The distance of 100 meters did not even take half a second.

She held Braydon’s hand and said softly, “The third slash will take your life.”

“Sadie, get out of the way!”

Braydon, who had always been calm, was now shocked and furious.

The girl in front of him was planning to use her body to block the third slash!

One had to know that every wave of the ten layers of national fate was targeted at Braydon, leaving him with a chance of survival.

For others, they would definitely die if they touched it!

She had blocked the third slash of the national fate!

The nine blood-colored barriers exhausted Sadie’s strength.

However, the sharpness of the final strike of the national fate was unparalleled as it broke through nine barriers in a row. The formless heavenly blade’s edge tore through Sadie’s outer garment at the waist, revealing her snow-white skin as a tear appeared.

The shapeless national fate heavenly blade pierced through her waist and pierced through her abdomen.

The heavenly blade’s invisible blade pierced through Sadie’s delicate body. The blade touched Braydon’s abdomen, and its power was completely negated!

The third heavenly blade of the nation’s fate dissipated!

The third slash broke through nine barriers in a row. With every barrier broken, the power was reduced by one point.

After breaking through nine barriers, the power of the heavenly blade was reduced by 90%.

The last bit of the power of the heavenly blade landed on Sadie.

As for the one-inch wound on Braydon’s abdomen, it was caused by the remnant power of the heavenly blade. It was just a superficial wound, and it did not reduce his lifespan at all.

Sadie chopped down the third blade of the nation’s fate for Braydon.

At the same time, after the final blade pierced through Sadie’s body and the tip of the blade touched Braydon’s body, the invisible blade dissipated. Mount Tanish, which was as bright as day, returned to night.

The world fell silent!


The title conferment ceremony on Mount Tanish was finally over!

Martial Emperor Yanagi and the others were extremely shocked. They never expected that the master of Kylo, the girl in white, would risk her life to block the strongest blade of the nation’s fate for Braydon.

No one had expected this!

Sadie had once said that she would only live for Braydon for the rest of her life.

She kept her word!

Sadie’s delicate body fell into Braydon’s arms. Her cherry lips opened slightly, and her face was filled with fatigue. She closed her eyes and said softly as if she was only talking to Braydon, “Braydon, live a good long life. I’m willing to become the wind and rain of the world and accompany you forever!”

Sadie took the third sword strike of the national fate with her life.

Otherwise, if it was Braydon, he would definitely die under the third blade of the nation’s fate!

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