The Strongest War God – Chapter 733

Chapter 733: There is No More Northern King Neal in the World!

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Braydon Neal slowly half-knelt on the altar. He had lost his usual calmness. The wound of the beauty in his arms was bleeding non-stop.

The wound caused by the national might’s heavenly blade was simply incurable!

The wound couldn’t heal. It was just a superficial wound.

What really hurt Sadie Dudley was the sword power!

The heavenly blade of the nation’s fate had damaged her martial arts foundation.

This was the most fatal wound one could have!

Braydon used his hand to cover Sadie’s wound on her abdomen. Blood flowed out from his fingers and continuously soaked their clothes.

This scene caused Braydon to be slightly flustered and clumsy. He said hoarsely, “Sadie, you’ll be fine!”

“Silly boy, take the Qilin Nation Protection Seal and you will be the son of Hansworth. From now on, you will shine brightly, and no one will remember me!”

Sadie’s jade-like hands were holding a Qilin Seal.

It was the Qilin Nation Protection Seal!

This seal represented the core power of the world.

Braydon hugged the beauty tightly in his arms and said in pain, “If I knew that I would cause you to end up like this today, I would not have come to Mount Tanish even if I died!

“Sadie, maybe I shouldn’t have left the northern territory, let alone Mount Bliz!

“If I don’t have you for the rest of my life, what use do I have for the Qilin Nation Protection Seal?”

After saying that.


Braydon took the Qilin Seal.

This was a present prepared by his teacher, Martial Emperor Yanagi, for Braydon’s twentieth birthday.

In the next moment.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes.

Braydon’s left hand surged with a powerful force, and the entire Qilin Nation Protection Seal instantly turned into dust.

The seal was destroyed by Braydon.

No one dared to criticize Braydon!

Sadie’s injuries were more serious than anyone could imagine.

If it wasn’t for her shocking strength, she would have long lost her life.

Sadie snuggled in Braydon’s arms, listening to the strong and powerful heartbeat. An unprecedented sense of fatigue enveloped this girl. She slowly closed her eyes. The wounds on her body were still bleeding.

Her life force was getting weaker and weaker!

Until it was undetectable!

Sadie’s life force was too weak. The injuries caused by the national fate heavenly blade had cut off her life force.

Not only was her heart meridian broken, but it had also shattered two pinnacle doors in her body.

The power of the backlash was enough to destroy Sadie’s injured body.

This girl’s life was hanging by a thread.

Even though Braydon was the great national doctor, he didn’t know how to save her!

If it was an ordinary person, even if they were on the verge of death, Braydon would be able to save them!

However, Sadie was a terrifying pinnacle martial artist with a vitality of 910,000 Na.

The self-healing ability of such an expert’s body was beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Even if her flesh was cut off, she could instantly grow new flesh.

But now, the injuries caused by the national fate heavenly blade was something entirely different.

Braydon had used all of the methods he knew on Mount Tanish, but it was to no avail.

Even we purple was useless:

The purple Qi entered Sadie’s delicate body, but it was without any effect.

An unprecedented sense of despair swept through Braydon.

The Northern King was intelligent when he was young, and now that he was all grown up, his mind was even more demonic.

But now, Braydon really didn’t know what to do!

Despair that he had not felt in more than ten years once again appeared in Braydon’s heart.

Donovan Dudley and Sawyer Quail walked toward Mount Tanish and knelt on one knee in silence.

They didn’t know what to say!

One was the master of Kylo.

One was the young master of Kylo!

In order to protect Braydon, Sadie had ended up like this.

Donovan and Sawyer really didn’t know what to say!

They could only kneel on one knee to show their submission. This meant that no matter what Young Master Braydon did, they would be his absolute supporters.

However, Braydon could sense that even they felt that Sadie could not be saved.

Braydon stood up slowly, holding the girl in white in his arms, letting her wrap her arms around his neck. He stood in the dark night and roared, “Argh!” The extreme grief made Braydon go crazy with hatred.

Martial Emperor Yanagi hugged Ginny Neal and said in a low voice, “Braydon!”

“Big Brother!”

Ginny’s gem-like eyes were pure and innocent as she timidly called out. Heather Sage had mixed feelings as she called out softly, “Little Braydon?”

“Don’t come over!”

Braydon hugged Sadie’s soft body and untied the Northern King Sword at his waist.


The sheathed Northern King Sword exploded under everyone’s feet.

“From today onward, the Northern King Sword will be sealed, and there will be no more Northern King Neal in the world!”

Braydon had personally shattered the Qilin Nation Protection Seal and removed the Northern King Sword from his waist, removing his title.

What was he trying to do?

The Northern King Sword had been sealed.

Where did Braydon intend to go?

“Braydon, what are you doing?” Martial Emperor Yanagi asked angrily.

Braydon stopped but did not turn back. He hugged the girl in his arms and gently caressed her beautiful face. He slowly said, “Sadie has been with me for thirteen years in the northern region. You’d better pray that I can save her for the rest of your lives!

“If she dies, I’ll make all the countries in the world die with her!”

Braydon picked up Sadie and jumped off Mount Tanish, disappearing into the dark night.

Perhaps from tonight onward, there would really be no more Northern King Neal in the world, but a person with an obsession.

As for those foreign pinnacle experts, no one dared to provoke King Braydon, who was about to lose control.

A son of Hansworth with ten layers of national fate.

No one present could afford to offend him!

No one dared to stop Braydon from leaving.

Even his teacher Martial Emperor Yanagi, did not dare to stop him.

The Braydon of today was no longer the seven-year-old boy from thirteen years ago.

He was definitely not that pathetic and desperate little beggar!

Today, Braydon had reached the pinnacle realm. With 99 liters of purple Qi as his foundation, he had turned it into 100,000 Na of vitality. He had hidden it in his bones and turned it into the strongest pinnacle foundation!

He had also been bestowed with ten layers of national fate, and not only was his talent reaching the spiritual level, but his talent had probably surpassed the previous Qilin Lords and reached the level of spiritual talent!

What were the benefits of having spiritual talent?

It was like an invitation from a legendary powerhouse.

In the future, if he wanted to surpass the pinnacle realm, his spiritual talent was an extremely crucial threshold.

In the pitch-black night, the entire Mount Tanish was in a mess.

Corpses were scattered all over the place, and blood was spilled all over Mount Tanish.

The pinnacle experts from beyond the borders looked at each other and quietly hid in the darkness, retreating like the tide.

“Forget it.” Martial Emperor Yanagi sighed softly. “Let’s go back to the capital.

How are the battles at the borders?”

“The flames of war have been ignited on all four sides of the border, and several legion-level battlefields of 100,000 people have been started. A million-strong super battlefield has even appeared in the northern desert.”

Zavier Leach could receive information about the battles at the border at all times.

The storm caused by the Mount Tanish title conferment ceremony was far from settled.

The elites of the hundred countries outside the borders had reignited the flames of war.

Since the two sides had already started a war, they must have some ulterior motives.

For example, Banko and Song were still scheming against the Ludwig Islands.

Joshua Mandor led the Western Army’s elite troops to defend the Ludwig defense line, fighting day and night without retreating.

Kieran Normand commanded the entire situation overnight.

The most powerful man in the history of Hansworth was definitely not someone to be trifled with!

The rise of the younger generation like Braydon did not mean that the older generation would withdraw from the stage..

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