Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1243 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1243

Callum’s secretary looked at the bouquet Camryn was holding and said warmly, “Please wait a moment. I’ll call and ask Mr. Callum.”

The secretary had not received the news, so he had to ask Callum for confirmation before. he could let Camryn in to see him.

“Of course.”

Camryn stood there quietly, waiting for the secretary to use the intercom to confirm with Callum.

Soon, he walked up to her and said warmly, “Please come with me.”

“Thank you.”

Camryn thanked the secretary as she followed him.

When they came to his office, the secretary knocked on the door and went in first to announce that Camryn had arrived.

“Let her in.”

Callum was still busy, so he responded in a deep voice without raising his head.

The secretary invited Camryn to enter the office before retreating.

Camryn listened attentively to which direction Callum’s voice resounded from when he talked to the secretary.

She walked straight in that direction after entering the office.

When she encountered something along the way, she avoided it. Although she walked very slowly, she managed to make her way to Callum’s desk.

The reason she was sure she reached his desk was that her walking stick poked Callum’s foot under the desk. She hurriedly retracted the cane.

Callum only looked up when his foot was poked by her cane.

“Why are you so late? I was just about to leave work.”

Callum complained about Camryn’s tardiness the moment he opened his mouth.

Camryn fumbled and leaned the white cane against his desk, then handed the bouquet to Callum and said apologetically, “I can’t see, so I walk slower than normal. That’s why I’m late. This is the bouquet you asked for on the phone.”

“Tell me. How did you come here?”

Callum took the flowers and casually placed them on the table. He did not like flowers. He was just looking for an excuse for Camryn to come over.

“I had one of my assistants drive me to the entrance of the office building, then I walked. myself in.”

“No one led you here?”

“No, I only asked how to get to your office from the entrance.”

Callum hummed and looked at her for a moment before saying gently, “Have a seat.”


Camryn was a little stunned. She thought Callum would let her go back after she delivered the bouquet and received the payment from him.

“Since you’re here, sit down for some water.”

Callum got up as he spoke and walked around the desk to pour a cup of warm water for Camryn.

Camryn felt around for a chair and carefully sat down. She hurriedly thanked Callum when he handed her a cup of warm water.

“If I tell you not to let your assistant drive you here, can you take a car to my company?” Callum asked as he returned to his seat.

Camryn paused before saying, “Is there a bus that stops in front of your company?”

“There are several buses that pass by the entrance of my company.”

“If someone can send me to the bus stop, I can reach your company without needing my assistant to drop me off.”

After staring at her for another moment, Callum pursed his lips and said, “Try coming by yourself next time. Tell your employee to stop Bus No. 6 for you. That one can reach my company.”

Camyrn was silent for a moment before asking, “Mr. York, did I offend you somehow?


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