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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1248

Callum booked a private room.

After the two sat down at the table, he turned his head to look at the waiter, who immediately handed him the menu.

The waiter thought in confusion, ‘Mr. Callum eats here every day. Why does he need the menu?‘

Callum did not care what the waiter was thinking. He opened the menu, read the names of the dishes and the prices to Camryn, and let her order.

“You can order whatever you want, Mr. Callum.”

The meal was Camryn’s treat, so she told him to order what he wanted.

“You only brought a few hundred dollars. I’m worried the food I order will be too expensive.” Camryn was silent before saying, “Didn’t you say you could lend me the money?”

Callum laughed. “I did say that, but you look like you don’t want to owe me money. We’ll just order some cheaper dishes.”

Camryn did not object as she listened to him listing off a few dishes that were not too expensive.

The waiter took down the orders and said respectfully, “Please wait a moment.”

Callum said, “There’s no need to rush. I don’t have plans later, so it doesn’t matter if the food comes out slow.”

Camryn spat in her heart, ‘You’re not in a rush, but I am.”

However, she was the host now and could not say such a thing.

After the waiter left, Callum asked, “How has business been recently?”

“It’s okay.”

“Competition is tough. Where do you get your goods from?”

Camryn asked, “Why are you asking all this, Mr. Callum? Do you want to open a flower shop?”

“I was thinking of helping you find a cheaper supplier so you can make a greater profit.”

“Thank you, but I’ve been working with my supplier for years, and he has always given me the best prices.” The supplier gave her the best price after finding out that she was blind.

They worked together well for many years, so Camryn had no intention of changing her supplier.

Furthermore, she would owe Callum a favor if she accepted his offer.

He gave her two large orders, and she was repaying the favor by treating him to a meal. She did not want to owe him another after just returning one.

Most importantly, she was not close to him.

Even now, she still had not figured out what Callum wanted with her.

She was only the eldest daughter of the Newman family in name. Everyone knew she was even worse off than a servant. There was no merit in Callum approaching her.

With his status, he did not need to use her to achieve some kind of goal, right?

“That’s good.”

Callum thought of asking the housekeeper in charge of the flowers and plants in the manor to deliver them to her and charge her only a small amount. However, he felt that she would definitely refuse. Since she wanted to remain the same supplier, he did not push it.

“Mr. Callum, may I ask you a question?”


“Why do you want to help me?”

Callum smiled. “Have a guess.”

Camryn said honestly, “I can’t.”

“If you can’t guess, then that’s fine. In any case, I won’t harm you.”

Camryn was silent for a moment and said, “But I don’t want to owe you a favor.”

They were not related to one another in any way. He was definitely after something by helping her, but he refused to say, and she could not guess.

Camryn did not like this feeling of being in the palm of his hands.


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