Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 412 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 412

“Who was the one who said ‘I don’t get jealous, it’s unbecoming!‘ and ‘I don’t chase after women!“? Zack, do you know who said that?”

Zachary’s face did not twitch from its glum expression. His lips were pursed tightly as he kept quiet.

Nana laughed until she was content, and only then changed the subject. “Isn’t Elisa Stone waiting for you there?”

“She won’t come and disturb me anymore.”

Elisa had not come to the office to lie in wait for him for the past two days.

She had once told Serenity that as long as Zachary already had a girlfriend or was married, she would definitely stop bothering him.

That made Zachary’s impression of her increase in favorability by two points.

The unruly young lady was indeed much better than many others just by not trying to break apart a marriage in the pursuit of true love.

“Has she found out about you and Serenity?”

“Nope. I just showed my left hand off, and she backed off.”

Nana harrumphed. “What do you think your left hand is? If she backed off just after you showed off your left hand, what exactly did you do?”

Zachary silently took out the gold ring he kept with himself at all times, put it on his left hand’s ring finger, and waved it at Nana.

Nana was speechless.

“Nana, I’ll get Callum to take you to lunch, and take your luggage with you. Once you’re done eating, get Callum to drop you off at Serenity’s shop.”

Just as Nana was about to reply, Zachary added, “Nana, Callum’s not young anymore too. Stop scrutinizing me only. No matter how you see it, I’m married. I have a wife. Callum’s still single, so shouldn’t you shift your target? Just so Callum can’t keep saying you have a favorite.”

Nana pursed–her lips. “That’s because I don’t have a suitable candidate in mind! Once I find some, not a single one of those cousins of yours will be able to escape.

“You don’t have to call Callum to your office, I’ll go find him myself,” Nana added as she stood up and left, dragging her luggage away.

Zachary still notified Callum regardless to get Callum to pick up Nana.

When Callum saw Nana dragging her luggage bag behind her, he was stunned for a moment. and asked in confusion, “Nana, what are you doing? Are you going on holiday?”

“I want to move in with your cousin and his wife.”

Callum was not an idiot and understood the situation in an instant. He laughed and said, ” Nana, can you ask him if I can move in with him too?”

Chapter 412

“His place is so small. How could it fit

you too?”

“I can sleep on the sofa or something. If that doesn’t fly, I can just roll out a rug. You can just tell him that if I see him and Serenity being affectionate every day, I’ll be easily influenced and want to end my singlehood. My parents would be extremely thankful to him if he lets me

move in.”

He was still single and his parents were extremely anxious at this point.

Nana chuckled and said, “If you want to say that, you can tell him yourself. I’m not going to be your messenger. Do you think it was easy for me to get him to let me move in? I had to go in with a thick skin and sling some false accusations at your dad and uncles‘ way before I managed to get my way in.

“If I tried to help you, I’d lose even my own chance to move in. What a loss that would be!”

After having missed out on so many good scenes, for the second half of the show, no matter what, she could not miss them out any more.

Especially since that cheeky boy Zachary had finally started to make his move on Serenity. If she did not keep an eye on them, and the two of them had an argument and started a cold war with each other again, they would have to go back to the drawing board. When would she be able to meet her great–granddaughter then?

Callum asked in curiosity, “Nana, what sort of false accusations did you accuse my dad and the rest of? Should I do the same?”

Nana smacked him with a huff. “Wait until you become a grandfather, then we’ll talk. You don’t even have a girlfriend right now, so you can’t.”

Callum rubbed the part where his Nana had smacked him. He was so incredibly curious. What did Nana accuse them of that he would have to wait until he was a grandfather to do the same?”


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