Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 415 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 415

Zachary opened the lid of the insulated lunch box as he said, “If you join my company and work here, you’ll realize that everyone addresses each other this way regardless of position. Our company culture places respect as a priority. Anyway, I’m just an average existence here.”

Serenity stuck her tongue out at him. “Luckily, I don’t have the capability to join your company and work here, or else there’d be too many names to remember.”

Zachary looked at her meaningfully. “You’re in a pretty good position right now. You have freedom, and you earn quite a bit too. You don’t know how many people would envy a self employed person with freedom like you.”

“I couldn’t get used to being managed by someone, so I opened my shop with Jasmine right after graduation. Jasmine’s family helped a lot, or else we wouldn’t have been able to get the operating rights to our shop.”

It was not easy to open a shop right at the entrance of a school.

“Was that copper wire tree bought from my online shop?”

Serenity saw there was a copper wire tree placed on Callum York’s desk.

Zachary hummed in admission. He really did not like looking at Callum’s copper wire tree, because he got it without spending a single cent.

“Didn’t you notice when we passed by the cubicle area earlier? There’s either a copper wire tree, money tree or maneki–neko on everyone’s desk. Whichever it is, they were all bought from your online store.”

Serenity suddenly felt a sense of achievement and said as she laughed, “It’s all thanks to you. and Callum for giving the recommendations. Elisa also contributed a lot. She not only recommended me to her friends, but she also asked her brother to buy my handicrafts and put them in his office, saying that would help promote my business.

“Now, the earnings from my online shop are higher than the earnings from my bookshop.”

When you had lots of friends, your path would be easier. The path would be even easier to walk especially if your friends were as helpful as Elisa Stone was.

Zachary was lost for words.

His wife’s craftwork was even displayed in his rival’s office.

Even he had not successfully made inroads into the Stone Group yet. His wife was even more capable than he was and had already attacked Stone Group first.

Hmm, not bad! As expected of his–Zachary York’s wife! She was aggressive like he was.

If Serenity knew what he was thinking at that moment, she would definitely say he was blowing his own trumpet.

Thinking it was Zachary’s superior’s office, Serenity only dared look around the office twice

and did not wander.

Afterward, her gaze returned to Zachary and she smiled happily as she watched him eat, asking him from time to time, “Is it delicious?”


Chapter 415

“Mrs. Lane’s cooking is pretty good, but I prefer your home cooking. It’s very flavorful.”

“I think Mrs. Lane’s cooking tastes better than mine though.”

Zachary looked at her meaningfully, although it was unclear what he meant by it..

Serenity’s heart inexplicably started beating faster.

What was happening?

In the past, when he stared at her with those dark eyes of his, her face would not turn red, nor would her heart get flustered, or get scared.

Now, when he stared at her, her heart would beat faster. She wanted to escape it, but could not bring herself to. It was a pretty contradictory mentality.

“You really couldn’t get the afternoon off to rest?”

“Not this afternoon. I’ll ask for a day off tomorrow. It’ll be the weekend in two days, so I’ll have three days of rest in total.”

Serenity was confused. “You’re not asking for the day off today, but you’re asking for tomorrow?”

“The work due today is all really important, so I have to make sure it’s handled properly. As for tomorrow, there isn’t anything important due, so if I ask for the day off to rest, no one will say anything.”

“Oh,” Serenity said blankly.

“Oh, right. I saw Callum and Nana earlier and Nana looked really unhappy. What happened?”

Zachary said as he munched, “She got into an argument with my dad. In her anger, Nana ran away from home and came to the office with her luggage bag to vent to Callum and I. Tonight, Nana’s coming to stay with us.”

“Why did they argue?” Serenity asked in concern. She remembered that her father–in–law was very obedient toward Nana.

“I don’t know either. When I asked Nana, she wouldn’t tell me, and when I called my dad to ask him, he wouldn’t say a thing either.”

“Let’s not ask then. If Nana wants to stay with us, let her stay a little longer. You’re not working tomorrow so it’s perfect timing. You can take Nana shopping to cheer her up.”


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