Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 417 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 417

Nevertheless, the piece of paper was not on her dressing table anymore. She seemed… to have drawn something on the back of the contract…


Serenity glared at the sleeping man. Zachary did not just unwittingly destroy her drawing but also the agreement between them. No, hers may be gone, but the contract in his hand must be locked away somewhere safe.

Zachary was unresponsive when Serenity poked him in the face, so she jabbed him again and said, “It’s unfair that you accidentally destroyed mine while you still have yours. It puts me in a precarious situation.”

Maybe she should steal his contract and get rid of it.

It would put them on a level playing field. No one had the contract to restrict anyone. Serenity would feel much more at ease.

The thought that she did not have access to his bedroom was a hurdle though. How could she steal the contract to destroy it?

Should she get him drunk?

Knock him unconscious?

Or seduce him?

Serenity ran through many scenarios in her mind, but the ideas came up short. She should wait for an opportunity to arise.

She thought she would have to wait a long time before she had the chance to sneak into Zachary’s room, but to her surprise, the opportunity fell right on her lap that night.

Nana dropped in unexpectedly. Grandma May had dinner with Callum at the hotel and stayed there to rest a bit before heading to Serenity’s shop. She then called Callum to pick her up past nine o’clock to drive her to Brynfield.

The old lady dragged her luggage and stood outside Zachary’s door at ten o’clock. She doorbell.

“Who is it? Coming.”

Mrs. Lane uttered as she headed over to open the door.

Seeing that it was the old lady on the other side, Mrs. Lane was shocked. “Old Mrs. York, what brings you here?”

“Are Zachary and Serenity around?”

“They’re not back yet but on their way home. I was the first one home.”

Liberty would pick Sonny up after work every evening, so Mrs. Lane did not have to stay at the shop.

rang the

Mrs. Lane helped Grandma May with the luggage as they entered the house. “Old Mrs. York, what’s this?”

“I’m staying here from now on. Cecilia, don’t address me formally when Serenity is around. How did Zack introduce you to Serenity?”

Mrs. Lane closed the door and answered as she brought the old lady into the house, “Mr. Zachary said I was Rowan’s nanny.”

“We can be old friends. Just watch what you call me.”

Mrs. Lane replied with a smile, “I will.”

“Please sit, Old Mrs. York. I’ll pour you a glass of water.”

“Sure.” Instead of sitting down, Grandma May wandered around the house and stopped before Zachary’s room. She turned the doorknob to find the door was locked. She murmured something to herself, but Mrs. Lane could not catch it.

Making her way back to the sofa, Grandma May asked, “Are they still sleeping in separate rooms?”

“Yes. Mr. Zachary’s room is always locked in case the missus sneaks in.”

“That b*stard!”

Grandma May cussed.

It was no wonder Serenity said she could not even jump him and strip him naked if she tried. No one could with that stuck–up attitude of his.

“Old Mrs. York, Mr. Zachary and the missus will become closer than ever if you do something about it. Based on my observations for the past two days, they seemed to have feelings for each other, but they’re still not that into each other. The missus seems a little scared and oblivious to Mr. Zachary’s advances. Maybe she’s feeling insecure.”

“Zachary’s not doing good enough if he doesn’t make Seren feel safe.”

The old lady sighed. “It takes time for the b*stard to warm up to anybody, so he’s making quite good progress now. I thought it’d take him a year or so before he gets it. He’s got me constantly worried.”

Grandma May had a great life. Her marriage was beautiful when her husband was still around. Now that she was old, Grandma May was blessed with respectful children and grandchildren all around. Her grandsons were raised well. Her only concern was their marriages.


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