Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 420 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 420

Serenity took a few steps forward when the bedroom door swung open.

It was not her room but Zachary’s.

He walked out with his water glass in his warm pajamas. It appeared he wanted to pour himself a glass of water.

The couple ran into each other.

They came face–to–face.

Zachary flicked the light switch and asked Serenity, “Why aren’t you in bed?”

Serenity embarrassedly murmured, “Your nana is snoring loudly, Zachary. I can’t catch a wink.”

Zachary approached her room and opened the door to pop his head in. Sure enough, he heard the loud snores coming from his nana. It was obvious that Nana was faking it. Quietly closing the door, Zachary turned back to face Serenity and said, “How do you plan to sleep?”

“I was going to sleep with Mrs. Lane, but she’s fast asleep. I couldn’t wake her, and her door is locked from the inside. I can’t get in. I guess my only choice is the sofa.”

Zachary went to pour himself a glass of water.

He saw the pillow and coat on the sofa.

“It’s pretty chilly tonight, especially with the rain. I couldn’t sleep with my feet in the open, so I was going to grab a pair of socks in the room. Zachary, we should get a few duvets and a bed for the other guest room tomorrow.”

Everything was segregated between them when the couple first moved in together. It never crossed their mind to get a bed for the guest rooms. After Mrs. Lane came along, Serenity shopped for a bed and wardrobe for Mrs. Lane, but the other guest room was left empty. This resulted in the lady of the house having no warm bed to sleep on for the night.

“Don’t you have water in your room?”

Serenity asked casually. She caught a glimpse inside his room when she helped him wash up. He had everything in there.

Zachary kept a steady tone. “Yeah, but it’s not safe to drink.”

“Oh,” Serenity remarked.

Serenity went to sit on the sofa, watching Zachary as he poured a glass of water and walked back to his bedroom.


Stopping at his bedroom door, Zachary turned around and was fixated on her with his dark eyes. His thin lips pursed as he waited for her to go on.

“Um… Do you have an extra duvet in your room?”


Chapter 42

“Um… Can you remove your bed linen for me to use for the night?”


Serenity responded, “…are you even a man? Can’t you see that your wife doesn’t have a place to sleep or a blanket over her?”

Zachary approached her.

After putting his glass on the coffee table, Zachary turned around and placed his hands on her sides. With his towering figure looming over her, Zachary came off as intimidating without. even touching Serenity.

The dip at the collar of his dressing gown left Serenity’s eyes wandering as he leaned into her.

“You can’t be sure if I’m a man if you just look. You need to try out the merchandise before. you can be sure whether I’m a man.”

Serenity took her eyes away from his chest and met his gaze for a moment before letting out. an awkward laugh. “God knows what I say in the heat of the moment. You’re a man, a man’s


He must be impotent if he was not a man.

Of course, Serenity would not dare say that. Men feared being called impotent the most.


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