Married at First Sight Chapter 2208 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2208 by desirenovelThe nutritionist took a look at her aunt, and seeing that her aunt didn’t say anything, she stopped talking.

After all, this she was her aunt’s daughter-in-law.

The baby in her womb was also the next generation of the Bucham family, and she was just out of nutritional advice.

In fact, Mrs. Bucham didn’t have much to say. It was sauerkraut made by her in-laws, and her daughter-in-law wouldn’t go back to her natal home to eat it every day. If she ate it Once or twice, nothing would happen.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” After Jasmine said something, she hurried to the bathroom.

After she left, the nutritionist said softly: “Auntie, will Jasmine blame me for being too talkative and being lenient? She can’t eat too much pickled products, and normal people should eat less. There were those things, but Jasmine liked to eat them so much. She ran back to her mother’s house to eat, because she thought the recipe I made for her didn’t suit her taste? Aunt, It was you who asked me to come over to check it out. I only came here because of your face and Josh’s face.”

Mrs. Bucham said softly to her niece: “Pregnant women have different appetites. Sometimes they want to eat something very much, and they want to eat it right away. The recipe you made for Jasmine is very good and rich in nutrition. With the Combination of meat and vegetables, Jasmine is now much rounder, and her complexion is also good.

That’s her natal family. She has lived with her natal family for more than 20 years, and she is also used to the taste of her mother’s cooking. Sometimes it is normal to want to eat some farm food. Don’t take it to heart; Jasmine is not that kind of person, and I won’t dislike you, and we can’t say we won’t let her go back to her mother’s house to eat, right?

She doesn’t eat much, just once or twice. She will be fine. She had a prenatal checkup, and the doctor said that the baby is developing normally. She can eat, and it is a blessing.”

Mrs. Bucham Continued: “Now her best friend Serenity is also pregnant. It is estimated that the York family will also arrange a nutritionist to formulate a recipe for Serenity. If the two of them have companions, she has nothing to say. Don’t take it to heart. “

After being silent for a while, the nutritionist said: “I’m also doing it for the baby’s good, for her good. If she really dislikes the three meals a day I ordered for her and it doesn’t suit her appetite, I don’t care. She can eat whatever she wants. Josh has also read so many things related to pregnancy. It’s okay for them to raise their babies according to the book.”

Mrs. Bucham: “I know that you are doing it for the good of Jasmine and the baby. We won’t dislike you. Don’t think about it, Jasmine won’t either. You know what kind of character Jasmine is. She lives in her mother’s house. In the past twenty years, some living habits cannot be changed in a short while. Besides, our family doesn’t have so many rules. As far as we are asking Jasmine now, it is already harsh for her. She is used to being free.”

The nutritionist said: “You have to pay a price to marry into a wealthy family.”

Her aunt’s family was a wealthy family, not inferior to the York family.

Although Jasmine’s family was not short of money, there was still a gap with the Bucham family.

Jasmine easily married into a wealthy family, and her parents-in-law were also very kind to her. They didn’t ask her to follow too many rules, but let her take care of her baby at home when she was pregnant, avoid running around, and pay attention to her diet.

In this way, Jasmine couldn’t even do it.

Mrs. Bucham: “Our family doesn’t pay attention to those things, as long as the young couple are happy, that’s all I want as a mother. It’s very rare for Josh to agree to get married. I’m very happy, and Jasmine is not bad in all aspects.”

The nutritionist pursued her lips and said in a low voice, “I still don’t think she’s good enough for my cousin, but now that’s the case, it’s hard to say anything.”

Mrs. Bucham smiled, “Yes, yes, there is no need to say anything.”

The nutritionist stopped talking.

Jasmine, who was in the bathroom, had finished her convenience a long time ago, but when she heard her mother-in-law and the nutritionist talk about her problem, she deliberately didn’t go out, and hid in the bathroom to eavesdrop, thanks to her excellent hearing, otherwise she couldn’t hear what they said clearly what.

The nutritionist was her mother-in-law’s natal family, Jasmine couldn’t say anything, although the other party was serious and strict, she wouldn’t do anything to her.

The mother-in-law would not allow Jasmine to do this or that, but it was not mandatory. If she really did it, the mother-in-law would not say anything.


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