Married At First Sight Chapter 2850 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2850-“Come on, go in; it’s freezing outside.” Holding a bouquet and an insulated lunch box, Kiera welcomed Julian into the martial arts gym.

Julian followed her.

Everyone saw Kiera holding a bouquet of flowers, and their eyes became ambiguous.

Even those little kids felt that there was something different about the bouquet of flowers held by Coach Caron.

Kiera walked towards everyone.

“Coach Caron, this bouquet of flowers is so beautiful.”

“Coach Caron, do you want to have barbecue? We are almost finished.”

“Coach Caron, did Uncle Bucham give you flowers? Why did Uncle Bucham give you flowers?”

Kiera smiled and said, “You guys can eat; eat as much as you can. I have to eat, and Uncle Bucham prepared another one for me. Your Uncle Bucham said that he passed by the flower shop and saw that the flowers in the shop were very beautiful. He bought a bouquet for me to appreciate the beauty of the flowers.

How about the bouquet? Isn’t it beautiful? I think the bouquet is beautiful too; I like it.”

Everyone praised the beautiful bouquet.

Kiera’s fellow apprentices looked at Kiera, who was carefree, then at Julian, who was smiling like a fox, and finally they all looked at Kendrick.

Kendrick just glanced at Kiera, then sat at the table where he usually rested, eating barbecue and drinking chrysanthemum tea.

“Big brother.” Several coaches came to Kendrick’s side, and one of them asked in a low voice, “Is Julian confessing to our junior sister? But it doesn’t look like it.”

The junior sister’s reaction didn’t seem like someone confessed her love.

She smiled so naturally and wasn’t shy.

“Julian said that he was passing by a flower shop and saw that the flowers in the shop were very beautiful, so he bought a bouquet and gave it to his junior sister. Such a lame excuse, but his junior sister actually believed it. Seeing the stupid look on his face, he was betrayed. I will also help people with money.”

“Junior sister hangs out with us all day long. She has a masculine personality and is carefree. She doesn’t have as much thought as Julian. If Julian tells her he likes her without knowing it, she won’t think twice about it.”

“Hey, my junior sister always fails on blind dates and can’t get married. We brothers all have some responsibilities. She gets along too well with us and treats all men as buddies.”

“Isn’t that right? He really has no feelings for my junior sister. Otherwise, if he married her, he would save our master Caron’s wife and the others from having to worry about the major events in my junior sister’s life every day.”

To be precise, it was their master’s wife, Mrs. Caron, who was worried.

Mrs. Caron also often scolded the curator for having to introduce the junior sister, Kiera, to the school in the first place, which resulted in the junior sister’s personality becoming more masculine and not as delicate as a girl’s.

They also thought that a junior sister with a personality like this was very suitable to be a buddy, but when it came to being a wife, they really didn’t have that idea.

The men who were on a blind date with their junior sister heard that the junior sister was good at boxing and kicking, so they ran away without even seeing each other. They had no courage, and they felt that those men without courage were not worthy of the junior sister.

Julian was the most suitable.

“However, Julian is really good and suitable for junior sister. She is too pure and too loyal. She needs a man like Julian, who is as cunning as a fox and has eight hundred thoughts. Julian has enough ability to protect her. Protect her so that she can maintain her purity.”

“That’s right. Julian is very good; he can make money, he is good at skills, he has a good temper, and he is very tolerant. He gets along well with the children every time he comes here. Everyone likes him very much.”

Kendrick glanced at everyone and said, “Julian has brought you so much food, but I still can’t stop your mouths.”

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