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Married At First Sight Chapter 2851-Everyone chuckled and said, “Senior Brother, Mr. Bucham did not bribe us. We are all telling the truth. Mr. Bucham is really good and is very suitable for our junior sister.”

A coach said in a low voice, “I think Mr. Bucham also likes our junior sister very much. The main reason is that of the young men that the junior sister meets, except for us senior brothers, there are no better ones. The curator and the junior wife are very worried.

If Mr. Bucham is not good, we will not approve of Mr. Bucham pursuing our junior sister. I think the junior sister and Mr. Bucham get along very well. However, I always feel that junior sister has no love for Mr. Bucham. She has no feelings for Mr. Bucham. It’s the same as it is for us.”

His words made everyone nod involuntarily, feeling the same way.

There were many junior sisters, but it was Kiera who worried them. The main reason was that Kiera habitually regarded men as buddies, and they were helpless.

They also thought about helping Kiera introduce her boyfriend, but Kiera asked him to be good at boxing and kicking but not martial arts. After hearing about Kiera’s “reputation,” some people secretly went to the martial arts hall to observe Kiera and saw that Kiera was very good at boxing and kicking, for fear that Kiera would not be able to seduce him and he would end up like those who were on blind dates.

Kendrick smiled and said, “You are actually bribed by Julian, including me as the eldest brother. Julian has money skills and coaxed us over without knowing it. However, he is quite good and matches us, which is more than enough.

I don’t blame you. Let’s just play around, and it’s all for Kiera’s good. After observing Julian for such a long time, I won’t let things develop if he does anything wrong.”

“In your words, Kiera habitually regards the men around her as her buddies. It depends on how Julian makes her enlightened. I admire Julian, but he’s from Wiltspoon, which is just a little far away. If my sister marries him, I can’t go back twice a year.”

Everyone said, “You can let Julian buy a house in Yonsburg. His business is here. Buying a house here will not waste money and is valuable.”

Kendrick was silent for a moment and then said, “We will talk about these things later. I can’t think so much now, and I can’t control it. Just let nature take its course. Julian will solve it.”

He felt that Julian was more than just a businessman, because Julian was so capable and well-connected that Kendrick found him unfathomable.

Everyone looks at each other’s faces, so they could only let nature take its course.

Kiera didn’t know that a group of fellow students were discussing her and Julian behind her back. She sat at her desk, put down the bright bouquet, and opened the lid of the insulated lunch box. “There’s no barbecue.”

Julian said, “If you can’t put it in, you eat first. I’ll help you with the barbecue. They haven’t finished eating yet. Do you need chrysanthemum tea? I’ll get you two bottles.”

Kiera: “Yes.”

Julian walked away with a smile and went to help her get the barbecue, helping her get a little of everything.

After spending some time together, he knew exactly what Kiera liked to eat.

Before approaching Kiera, he was the master who investigated Kiera, but there was still a slight gap between the results of the investigation and the results he felt after getting along with her.

He felt that the real Kiera was more attractive to him.

Soon, Julian helped Kiera bring barbecue and chrysanthemum tea, and then he sat down opposite her.

He liked to sit across from her and watch her eat.

Kiera asked, “You don’t want to eat?”

She picked up a grilled medium wing and asked Julian while eating it, “Where did you go to package the barbecue? It tastes very good. I have eaten a lot of barbecue in Yonsburg, and this is the first time I have eaten it so delicious.”

Julian smiled and said, “If you like it, I will go there and pack it for you next time.”

He didn’t tell her which restaurant it was. If she went to eat by herself, he wouldn’t have a chance to show off.

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