Married At First Sight Chapter 2852 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2852-“Kiera, this bouquet of flowers—I mean, do you have any thoughts after receiving this bouquet of flowers?” Julian plucked up the courage to ask her.

Kiera finished eating a grilled fin and a grilled squid. While eating, she said, “Yes, this bouquet of flowers is truly lovely, in my opinion. I have no idea who planted the flowers. They have such good upkeep. If I raised it, it would have died long ago.”

Julian: “…”

Kiera continued: “Also, I received the bouquet, looked at the roses, and thought of rose flower cakes, and suddenly I wanted to eat flower cakes. I will place an order for some flower cakes and come back to eat them now.”

With that said, Kiera took out her mobile phone and wanted to buy flower cakes online.

Julian: “Let me buy it for you. I have a friend who is traveling there right now. Let him bring me some flower cakes. They will definitely taste better than the ones you buy online.”

Kiera said, “Unless you eat their freshly made food, there is no difference between what you buy and what you buy online. I heard that the freshly made food is delicious. When I have time next year, I will also travel and try other people’s freshly made flower cake.”

Julian didn’t say anything. He silently sent a message to his men, asking them to fly to NAN Province immediately to learn how to make flower cakes and then come back to make fresh flower cakes for Kiera, making sure the taste was the same as the ones in NAN Province. In this way, Kiera can eat freshly made flower cakes without having to travel there, which are at least more delicious than those purchased online.

Kiera enjoyed doing her shopping online. She says it’s inexpensive to shop online.

Julian wanted her not to buy things online countless times, but he was also afraid that she would say that he was rich and could not understand and appreciate the difficulties of ordinary people. In the end, he chose to remain silent and respect her preferences and choices.

“Did you really place the order for me?” Kiera saw him put down his phone and asked him.

Julian hummed, “I’ve placed an order for you; just wait and taste it.”

Let her shop online first, and wait until his people learn how to make flower cakes, then make them for her to eat and give her a surprise.

“How much money? I will pay you back.” Kiera asked.

“No, it’s not worth much. I’ll treat you to food.” Julian was embarrassed to say that he hadn’t actually placed an order yet.

Kiera was not polite to him. She said, “We will go back to eat later and buy clothes. I will help you buy a coat. The winter in Yonsburg is very cold. It can reach minus ten or twenty degrees below zero. It’s from the south, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to withstand it.

Look at how graceful you are even in the cold weather, Julian. Health is the most important thing. You can’t just have style without warmth.”

Julian laughed: “I often sit in the office, which is heated and not cold, and I rarely go out. However, Yonsburg is really cold. We in Wiltspoon only had cold weather for a week, and our cold is simply incomparable to yours. Now the highest daytime temperature in Wiltspoon has reached 20 degrees Celsius again.”

Kiera: “It seems that the best way to spend the winter is in your Wiltspoon.”

Julian: “Then, do you want to consider going?”

It would be better if Kiera was willing to go to Wiltspoon.

Kiera: “Let’s wait for the holiday. Even if we go now, we can only stay for a few days. We will rush back in a few days. It’s a holiday. Let’s take my parents with me, and the whole family will travel to Wiltspoon. My parents haven’t been Wiltspoon yet.”

Julian smiled. “When you decide to go, tell me. I will help you arrange hotel accommodation, and I will be your tour guide.”

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