Married At First Sight Chapter 2858

Married At First Sight Chapter 2858-“It is true that Julian is a businessman, but he is not just a businessman. There must be something he is hiding from us and has not told us. Everyone has their own secrets, and you can’t tell everyone else.” Kiera spoke for Julian.

Mrs. Caron said, “Think about it: when you first met him, didn’t he pretend not to know martial arts? You helped him once, and he was a lifesaver. He insisted on repaying your life-saving grace, and then he treated you in various ways.

Maybe it’s because I have watched too many TV dramas. I always feel that Julian has been plotting against you from the beginning, planning for you to become his savior, so that he can approach you openly and treat you well, and you won’t think too much about it.

Perhaps the gangsters you met on the night you rescued him were all arranged by him. Public security is good now, and there are very few gangsters anymore, let alone the large number of gangsters. Can the police in Wiltspoon allow them to come out at night?”

Kiera: “Mom, you have watched too many TV dramas and thought too much. I have something worth Julian’s calculations. Our family is not a rich family. I work at my own martial arts gym. My personal fortune is not as good as Julian’s income in a day. He can’t plot against anyone else.

Besides, the night I helped him was indeed the first time I met him. When we met for the first time, no one knew anyone. Why did he plot against me for no reason? He is a businessman, and his business is very big. He knows how to do it. If someone offends someone and is retaliated by others, it is not impossible for the enemy to ask someone to stop his car to do harm to him.”

Kiera didn’t think she had anything worthy of Julian’s calculations.

If she had a net worth of tens of billions, it would be reasonable for Julian to plot against her.

Her monthly salary was tens of thousands of dollars. Her family had money, but it was her parents’ money, not hers. She could be said to have no power and no money. Who would plot against her?

Mrs. Caron really thought a lot.

She reached out and poked her daughter on the head and said angrily, “You, you always think too well of people. You are not just out of society, but you are still so naive and easy to trust. Julian is an unmarried older man. What do you think he wants from you? What does he want to plot against you?

He has fallen in love with you, and he plans to have you become his woman. You don’t even have such thoughts. No wonder you have been ignored countless times on blind dates. It’s a good thing that Julian has fallen in love with you. Otherwise, it would really be impossible. I want your two brothers to support you for the rest of your life.”

Kiera: “Mom!”

She was ignored once or twice on a blind date, but she didn’t care. Originally, she didn’t want to go on a blind date, but every time it happened, her self-esteem was still hit.

Mrs. Caron even said it to her face, and even she would never say that.

Kiera: “Mom, you have already seen that Julian is interested in me?”

Mrs. Caron: “Looking at your reaction and your tone, do you know? Oh, that’s good. You’ve become smarter and more sensitive. I thought you wouldn’t be able to react after being targeted for a year and a half.”

Kiera: “…”

Mrs. Caron, even though she knew Julian was targeting her, didn’t even bother to wake her up.

On the contrary, it was better for Julian.

Mrs. Caron treated Julian as her son-in-law. No wonder Kiera’s parents and brothers were no longer as cautious and polite to Julian as they were at first. Instead, they treat Julian as casually as they treat family members. Mrs. Caron would even talk about Julian as much as she talks about her brothers and sisters.

Kiera was also worried that Mrs. Caron would often talk about Julian, and Julian would be angry. She told Julian in private not to take Mrs. Caron’s nagging to heart, as Mrs. Caron was such a person.

Thinking about it, Kiera felt that she was the monkey—the one who was tricked the most.

“How did you find out?”

Mrs. Caron asked Kiera with interest.

In her opinion, Kiera looked like a boy. In just one month, she would not be able to discover Julian’s thoughts.

Someone must have told Kiera!

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