Married At First Sight Chapter 2860

Married At First Sight Chapter 2860-Mrs. Caron also wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with Kiera. “You and Julian get along very well and can chat well. He is sincere with you. Think about it calmly for a few days, and then you can reply to him.”

Kiera agreed but said worriedly, “Mom, do you think Julian is trying something new? His family is so rich, he is a wealthy young master, and he has seen ninety-nine beauties, if not a hundred. I am somewhat pretty, but I don’t think it was my beauty that attracted him.

Does he just want to have fun? Maybe he is sincere with me now. What about after marriage? He changes his mind after marriage, cheats, and has mistresses and mistresses. I can’t accept it. I won’t be able to beat him when the time comes. Wiltspoon is far away from you, and it’s hard for you to rush over to support me, so what should I do?”

After Mrs. Caron thought deeply for a moment, she said, “It’s really hard to say. However, you are responsible for managing your marriage. If you two manage it carefully, nothing like that should happen. I just don’t know if his parents can see it.”

The Caron family was also famous in Yonsburg, not because they were rich, but because the Caron family martial arts gym was famous. Of course, the Caron family was also rich—not tens of billions, but tens of millions, barely over 100 million—and they would still have it.

Compared with the Bucham family, the difference was too great.

What if Julian’s parents looked down on the Caron family?

“Have you met his parents when you went to Wiltspoon? What is his parents’ attitude towards you? If they have a good attitude and are very enthusiastic, then there is something interesting.

If his parents dislike you, then let’s not try too hard. Your parents are willing to support you for the rest of your life, and they don’t want you to be bullied, disliked, and looked down upon by others after you get married.”

Don’t look at Mrs. Caron, who usually scolds her daughter with all kinds of disgust, making Kiera think that she is not her biological child several times. But if anyone dares to bully Kiera, she will definitely explode.

Of course, Kiera had never been bullied since she was a child, and Mrs. Caron never had the opportunity to get angry. Instead, she often received complaints and complaints, and then she could chase Kiera down several streets with a feather duster.

When Kiera was a few years old, she was famous on several nearby streets.

Thanks to Mrs. Caron, it was obvious that she had been practicing martial arts since she was young, so she had very solid basic skills and could run very fast. However, it turned out that Mrs. Caron also ran very fast and had very good physical strength. She was able to chase her down several streets and become a successful woman. The laughingstock of several streets.

Kiera said honestly, “I haven’t been in Wiltspoon for long. When I attended Zachary and Serenity’s wedding, there were so many people. I didn’t know who Julian’s parents were, and I really didn’t know their parents’ attitudes.

However, we can tell from his words that his parents are still very talkative. He said that he was in his thirties and had not yet gotten married. His parents were very worried and said that as long as he could bring a woman home to get married, it would be fine, and they would not pick a woman. The conditions are as long as she is a woman.”

Mrs. Caron curled her lips and said, “That’s just words. Mother-in-laws are like that. Before they have a daughter-in-law, as long as their son is married, it will be fine. If they have a daughter-in-law, they will cause all kinds of troubles and make things difficult for her.

If your son is not married yet, just say she is a woman. When their son really likes a girl, they will start to be picky.”

Kiera smiled and said, “Mom, are you like this too? You have two sons.”

Mrs. Caron: “That’s not the case. When your two brothers get married, let them move out and live here. They can come back here to eat, but they don’t live with us. If we don’t live together and keep our distance, there won’t be so many conflicts. Everyone, stay safe.”

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