Married At First Sight Chapter 2861

Married At First Sight Chapter 2861-Kiera said, “If I get together with Julian, I can move out after marriage and stay away from my parents-in-law.”

After Mrs. Caron was silent, she said, “If his mother doesn’t accept you, even if you don’t live together, it would be very easy for her to find fault with you and destroy your relationship as a couple. Can’t he sever ties with his biological mother because of you?”

Kiera stopped talking. After a while, she sighed and said, “Mom, do you mean to tell me not to accept Julian? I thought it through originally, but now I’m confused again. I don’t know what to do. I think it’s better to live alone. A little bit, you don’t have to deal with those complicated interpersonal relationships.

My temperament is not suitable for dealing with people who are too narrow-minded. It is said that mothers-in-law in wealthy families are difficult to get along with. There are few people who are as sensible as Serenity and Jasmine’s mother-in-law. I heard Serenity say, When she first got together with Zachary, her mother-in-law couldn’t accept her from the bottom of her heart.”

“But her mother-in-law has never done anything to hurt her or damage the husband and wife. When others gossip about her, her mother-in-law will publicly defend her and scold those who gossip about her, saying that her mother-in-law has always been elegant, generous, and well-educated, but she cursed people to protect her.

It’s the same. She actually doesn’t spend much time with her mother-in-law, but she respects her parents-in-law very much. I think there are relatively few mothers-in-law like this.”

Mrs. Caron said to her, “You haven’t met Julian’s parents yet; how do you know his parents don’t like you? You have to meet them first.”

Kiera said, “But I’m afraid that if I fall in love with him and have a relationship, his parents won’t like me and want to separate us. Wouldn’t it be extremely painful? In this case, it’s better not to develop in the first place and just maintain the status quo, like now. In this way, we can be brothers and friends.”

Mrs. Caron: “…”

“Auntie, auntie, are you at home?”

When Mrs. Caron was speechless, the mother and daughter heard someone calling Mrs. Caron downstairs. The voice sounded like it belonged to Julian.

Kiera was originally calm, but because of her mother’s words, her mood was confused again. When she heard Julian’s cry, she didn’t know how to face Julian for a moment, so she said to her mother, “Mom, it seems that Julian is back. You go and have a look; don’t tell him that I’m upstairs and I don’t know how to face him yet.”

Mrs. Caron: “Don’t think so much; just let nature take its course. Maybe Julian’s parents will like you very much.”

Mrs. Caron comforted Kiera, then got up, walked out of the room, and went downstairs. Julian was still shouting downstairs. He entered the kitchen and saw the dishes washed and the hot pot soup base prepared, but Mrs. Caron was missing.

“Julian, I went upstairs to collect the clothes. You came back so early today. You used to come back at seven or eight o’clock.”

Mrs. Caron responded to Julian as she went downstairs, still saying, “It’s snowing now, and it’s getting late. Why haven’t Kiera and her brothers come back? Julian, don’t you need to socialize?”

“I’ll just finish my work during the day and leave the social work to others. Brother Cheng and the others will be back soon. Auntie, isn’t Kiera back?”

Julian wanted to find Kiera, but Kendrick advised him not to look for it and told Kiera to calm down.

He resisted chasing after Kiera and returned to Caron’s house to help Mrs. Caron prepare dinner. After seeing the situation in the kitchen, she didn’t need his help.

Where did Kiera go?

When it snows, where will she go?

Kiera didn’t have any good best friends, and she had very few female friends. The only ones she could chat with were her senior brothers and a few senior sisters.

Julian’s heart was tied to Kiera.

“I don’t know if she’s back. Don’t you usually go to the martial arts gym first after getting off work? Didn’t you see her in any martial arts gym?”

Mrs. Caron lied until her face turned red and she was out of breath. The answer she gave Julian was not absolute. Anyway, she had just gone upstairs to collect her clothes. She didn’t know what was strange about her daughter’s not coming back?

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