Married At First Sight Chapter 2932

Married At First Sight Chapter 2932-Although Serenity was someone she hated very much, the two of them rarely met each other, so it was not easy for Serenity to recognize her.

Seeing that Carrie had gone to Spring Blossoms, the bodyguard of the York family went back to report to Serenity.

Knowing that Carrie went to the flower shop to look for Camryn, Serenity said to Jasmine, “Could it be that Camryn and I are overly concerned? That girl is not Carrie pretending to be her?”

Carrie’s performance as Mrs. Labbe did not impress Jasmine. She only remembered that she was a young and beautiful woman, well-dressed and wearing gold and silver, which was different from Carrie.

The main reason is that Carrie now has no money to hire a bodyguard.

Jasmine said, “I don’t think it’s possible. Why would Carrie come here disguised as another person? She hates you and Camryn. Her hatred is obvious, and she said it to her face. She just hates you, so why should she change her appearance? Maybe the two people have similar body shapes and voices, but the two people look different.

If Carrie had money to hire bodyguards, drive a luxury car, and wear gold and silver, she wouldn’t come to Camryn to ask for money. Many of her things are still in the Newman family mansion.”

Camryn only asked her to take away some clothes. Even if she resold those clothes, she wouldn’t be able to get that much money in exchange.

“What kind of car did the lady who came to buy materials take?” Jasmine asked his bodyguard.

The bodyguard replied, “It’s a Maybach. The bag the lady is holding is a limited edition Hermès model.”

Jasmine hummed and said to her friend, “Seren, they are just two people; don’t waste your brain guessing. Don’t think too much during pregnancy, and stay in a happy mood. I heard that this will make it easier to take care of the child after he is born.”

Serenity smiled and said, “Yes, yes, I won’t guess anymore. I’ll just ask Zachary in the evening.”

“That is, don’t let those unimportant people occupy our time.” Jasmine sat back at the checkout counter and picked up another piece of sesame cake to eat.

Serenity said to her, “You still eat. You eat too much, and you can’t eat. Your nutritionist has to blame you again, saying that you are always eating randomly outside.”

Jasmine: “Seren, I really don’t want to hear about his cousin; she is just a housekeeper.”

“She is also doing it for your own good and for the baby in your belly.” Serenity said this, looking at Jasmine with eyes full of sympathy.

Jasmine’s pretty face fell. “I know, it’s just that her hands are stretched a little longer. She’s getting better recently, and she’s not so strict anymore.”

Otherwise, Jasmine couldn’t even eat out.

Josh’s cousin originally meant that Jasmine should eat three meals a day at home and not eat food from outside for fear of poor hygiene.

Jasmine didn’t listen to her. Josh also talked to his cousin, but his cousin said nothing more.

During the prenatal check-up, the doctor said the baby was developing well.

Seeing that Josh’s cousin’s recipe was indeed nutritionally balanced and good for her and the baby, Jasmine turned a blind eye.

After all, she was a cousin, her mother-in-law’s niece. As long as the other person’s hands no longer stretch out so long, she would be happy to comply with the other person’s arrangements in terms of food.

Jasmine said, “Maybe it’s because I often fawn over her, or maybe it’s because the fetus is formed and developing well, and she no longer controls me like she used to.”

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