Married At First Sight Chapter 2933

Married At First Sight Chapter 2933-Serenity was also very happy to know that her friend was having a good time.

At the same time, Jensburg.

Kathryn’s car drove into the Queen Enterprise.

Farrell Group’s intention to cooperate with Queen Enterprise was not something that could happen in a day or two.

As the temporary decision-maker of the Farrell Group, Kathryn often appeared in the Queen Enterprise, and the people of the Queen Enterprise were used to this.

Hayden was very polite to Kathryn and was very considerate, so when Kathryn came to the Queen Enterprise, even if she didn’t make an appointment in advance, the front desk made a call to Hayden’s secretary, and then Kathryn could go upstairs quickly.

A few minutes later, Kathryn appeared in the president’s office.

Seeing Hayden, who was still dressed as a handsome boy, Kathryn smiled and said, “Miss Queen, you are making their hearts break when you look like this. Everyone knows that you are a woman. If you wear women’s clothes like us, they will soon accept reality.

You still dress like a man. As long as they see you, they will feel uncomfortable. Why are you not a real man?”

If Hayden was a real man, some of his admirers would still have a chance to impress the best man in Jensburg.

Hayden paused her work, stood up, and walked around the desk, calling Kathryn to go to the sofa and sit down.

The secretary who brought Kathryn in made a pot of good tea and brought some fruits and snacks, and soon the coffee table was filled to the brim.

In the past, Hayden’s office would have some fruit to entertain distinguished guests, but not snacks.

Since Kevin pursued Hayden publicly, no one would be surprised if anything appeared in Hayden’s office.

Kevin moved everything into Hayden’s office. Hayden went from being angry at the beginning and throwing it away to accepting it in the end, just letting Kevin do whatever he wanted.

Everyone understood then.

How could Kevin be gay? He was very normal.

The York family must have known the truth for a long time, so when everyone felt sorry for Kevin, they mentioned it to the elders several times and asked the elders to take care of Kevin and correct him as soon as he showed signs of it.

As a result, the elders of the York family said that they were very open-minded. As long as the children liked it and the children lived happily, no matter whether Kevin married a woman or a man, it was Kevin’s choice and they would respect it.

Those who did good things were left speechless and slandered secretly so many times.

They thought the elders of the York family were a little too open-minded.

It would be impossible for them to accept the outstanding men they raised in their families becoming gay.

It turned out that they were just worrying because Hayden was a woman.

A few days had passed since Hayden revealed that she was a woman at the banquet. In Jensburg, the discussion on this topic remained high. Many people didn’t quite believe that Hayden was a woman.

They thought of Hugh.

They thought Hugh was the woman. They heard that someone wanted to take off Hugh’s pants to confirm their suspicion.

In the past two days, Hugh’s confidante has always made sneak attacks, intentionally or unintentionally. Only when they found out that Hugh was a man.

This made Hugh dumbfounded.

He simply went to the hot springs and made appointments with many wealthy young men.

After taking a dip in the hot spring, no one would doubt that Hugh and Hayden were swapping.

Hayden said calmly, “I don’t care what other people say. Who I am, how I live my life, and what I do are my business. What does that have to do with other people? Do I still want to live if I care what other people think?

No matter how well you do, someone will always say something about you. If you care about what others say about you, really, you will not be able to survive and will be very tired.”

Kathryn smiled and said, “Miss Queen, you’re open-minded and live a free and easy life. In just a few decades, we have to live for ourselves.”

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