Married At First Sight Chapter 2934

Married At First Sight Chapter 2934-Hayden invited Kathryn to drink tea.

Kathryn was not polite. She picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea. “Good tea.”

“Everything I have here is good.” Hayden said, “The things Kevin sent are second to none.”

However, the tea was something she always kept here, not sent by Kevin.

“Is there really no room for maneuver on what we talked about last time?” Kathryn put down her tea cup and asked Hayden gently.

Hayden’s eyes were deep. After looking at Kathryn for a moment, she said meaningfully, “I will only cooperate with you and not with the Farrell Group. I will not cooperate with any business related to the Farrell family.”

What she valued was Kathryn, not the Farrell family, and Kathryn did not represent the Farrell family.

Kathryn smiled and said, “Thank you, Miss Queen, for looking up to me. I’ll treat you to a meal this night.”

When Hayden didn’t agree to her immediately, Kathryn joked, “Do you have an appointment with Mr. York?”

Hayden admitted generously: “We made an appointment to have dinner together and then go to the movies.”

Two people could date openly.

Kathryn said enviously, “That’s great. Then, when will you be free?”

Hayden said, “I haven’t been able to arrange time in the past half month. I won’t go back to the company tomorrow. I will take half a month off. Kevin will take me out to travel and relax.”

After supporting the Queen family for many years, Hayden really never had a good rest. Even during the New Year, she had to have various social activities. It was difficult for her to really rest and not worry about anything.

Kevin manipulated Hugh, forcing Hugh to take the lead and allowing her to take half a month off.

Sometimes, Hayden felt tired after being overworked and wanted to rest.

She had to say that Kevin knew her very well.

No wonder she knew so many men and fell in love with Kevin alone.

Although Kevin was eloquent and she wouldn’t feel lonely when she was with him, the main reason was his considerateness.

The human heart is made of flesh. Being so considered by Kevin, her heart slowly moved, and all of it was placed on him.

Fortunately, Grandma May chose her to be his wife.

Hayden felt happy in her heart. However, if she was not the candidate chosen by Grandma May for Kevin, Kevin would not approach her, let alone know that she was a woman.

Kathryn became even more envious: “I’m envious; I’m so envious. I also want to take a vacation, but I’m busiest now. Miss Queen, you will take a vacation first and relax. You must be exhausted after so many years.”

Hugh was not an incompetent person, but he was happy and relaxed when someone carried a heavy burden for him.

When he needed to carry a heavy burden, he could do it.

Hayden said: “I will arrange everything, and you can talk to Hugh, the Vice President, about cooperation.”

Kathryn hummed, “Then I’ll go see Vice President Queen later.”

Hayden also picked up the tea cup. After taking a few sips of tea, she put down the cup and asked Kathryn, “How is your family?”

Kathryn laughed self-deprecatingly and said, “How can it be good? Everyone has something wrong in their hearts. Shiloh didn’t give up. Behind my sister-in-law’s back, she still secretly communicated with my three brothers and took money from my three brothers.”

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