Married At First Sight Chapter 2936

Married At First Sight Chapter 2936-Hayden also helped Liberty a lot, both openly and covertly.

Everyone in Jensburg had seen clearly that Liberty from Wiltspoon was really a descendant of the previous head of the Farrell family, and she had come back to compete with the Farrell family.

The business that Liberty did was the same as the most important business of the Farrell family; wasn’t it because she was obviously trying to steal business?

Some members of the Farrell family also secretly surrendered to Liberty.

Kathryn smiled. She picked up the tea cup again and tasted the fragrant tea elegantly.

“Ring ring ring…”

Kathryn’s cell phone range.

She put down the tea cup, picked up her phone, looked at the caller ID, and said to Hayden, “My mom called. Maybe she doesn’t want to take care of my dad in the hospital anymore.”

It was Matriarch Farrell who forced Holden to be hospitalized.

The old couple were at odds with each other. Without asking, Kathryn knew that Holden hated Matriarch Farrell very much.

However, there was nothing she could do about Matriarch Farrell. Not only was she unable to do anything, but she must continue to try her best to please Matriarch Farrell.

This was the path Holden chose in the first place, and he couldn’t blame anyone.

Kathryn answered her mom’s call in front of Hayden.

Kathryn: “mom.”

Matriarch Farrell: “Kathryn, where are you now?”

Kathryn: “I’m discussing cooperation with Hayden at Queen Enterprise.”

Matriarch Farrell asked, “How did the negotiation go?”

She had no hope for this.

Hayden looked down upon their Farrell family.

The two groups rarely do business.

Even though Hayden would say hello to Matriarch Farrell when they met, it was just a hello. It was polite and courteous.

She, Matriarch Farrell, might not even have status in Hayden’s eyes.

That is to say, her biological daughter had returned to her. She didn’t know how Kathryn liked Hayden, but Hayden treated Kathryn well.

Kathryn was more popular than Shiloh.

It was also the main reason why Matriarch Farrell was determined to support Kathryn’s rise to power.

Matriarch Farrell could go further if left in Kathryn’s hands.

If left to Shiloh, she might soon fall.

Kathryn replied, “There is no result yet. Mom, what’s wrong?”

Matriarch Farrell said, “It’s okay. Your dad wants you to come to the hospital to take care of him for two days, and I also want to go home and have a good rest for two days. But you are busy with work, so you can just take time to come and see him every day. Let your three brothers take turns accompanying each other in the hospital.”

Holden was injured there, and Kathryn was a girl, so it was always inconvenient to take care of him.

Holden proposed to Matriarch Farrell that he wanted Kathryn to come to the hospital to take care of him. He just knew that Shiloh had no hope. For the sake of Matriarch Farrell and the Janzen family behind him, he wanted to repair the relationship with Kathryn.

After all, Kathryn had the blood of his Janzen family flowing through her body.

She couldn’t just ignore the Janzen family, right?

After the Janzen family knew that Kathryn was their biological child, they had a very good attitude towards Kathryn.

The Janzen family saw things more clearly than Holden.

When they couldn’t even count on their own biological child, who could they count on?

Holden had a bad attitude towards Kathryn. The Janzen family tried to persuade Holden in private, but the words of Holden’s family members fell on deaf ears and could not be listened to.

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