Married At First Sight Chapter 2938

Married At First Sight Chapter 2938-Kathryn said, “My mother was tired and wanted to go home to rest, so my dad offered to let me go to the hospital to accompany and take care of him.”

In front of Hayden, Kathryn did not hide anything.

If she were not Kathryn, she would really like to become close friends with Hayden.

Two people got along well.

Hayden laughed twice, which was sarcastic, but she didn’t say anything else.

After sitting for a while, Kathryn finished a cup of tea and then stood up to say goodbye.

Hayden walked her to the elevator entrance and happened to meet Hugh, who was coming upstairs. After greeting each other, the siblings stood at the elevator entrance, watched Kathryn enter the elevator, and watched the elevator door close.

After Kathryn left, the siblings walked back. Hugh asked as they walked, “Why did Kathryn come to see you again?”

Hayden glanced at Hugh and said calmly, “Continue to fight for the Farrell Group, and she must do her best to avoid others saying she is incompetent.”

If they really can’t defeat Queen Enterprise, they won’t blame Kathryn.

There were many large groups that wanted to cooperate with Queen Enterprise. After all, the Farrell Group was not strong enough. Besides, it was well known that Hayden had great opinions about the people of the Farrell family.

“elder brother.” Hugh called out, then changed his name to Sister.

Hugh smiled and said, “Sister, now that everyone knows you are a woman, why don’t you wear women’s clothes? If you wear women’s clothes, I can call your sister justifiably. But if you dress as a man, I always feel like I called you the wrong one.

Oh, everyone is asking me about my sister. Who knew that I would be the saddest person? Originally, I had a brother to support me and protect me from the wind and rain. I could have nothing to worry about. Who knew that my brother would become a sister? There is no one to support me.”

Hugh had to do everything. In the future, Hugh would still be Hayden’s supporter. He must do as well as Hayden to keep the Queen Enterprise standing. That way, Hayden would not be bullied by the York family.

Come to think of it, the York family wouldn’t bully Hayden.

If Kevin can’t protect Hayden, Hugh will take her back. He would never let her be wronged as long as he raised her.

Hayden said funnyly, “Who told you not to change with me? I’m your sister; wouldn’t it be better?”

Hugh: “This is not something I can decide on my own. My parents made me a man. What can I do? I want to be my sister’s sister.”

With such a capable supporter as her sister, if Hugh were a younger sister of Hayden, she would really be carefree and not have to worry about anything.

“I’m still used to this.” Hayden disclosed her identity as a woman simply because she didn’t want Kevin to be accused of homos*xuality and to clear her name.

It was also her and Kevin’s decision to go further.

The two elders were discussing the date of the engagement.

They got engaged, married, and had a wedding afterwards, when they were free.

Hugh said with a smile, “I know that sister is not used to it.”

After saying that, Hugh took out a red brocade box from the hidden pocket of his suit. He put the brocade box in front of Hayden and said with a smile, “Sister, I bought you a necklace. See if you like it. Look at you; not only are you n@ked, but you are also not wearing any jewelry.”

Mrs. Queen has a lot of jewelry. As long as Hayden is willing to wear it, she can choose whatever she wants.

Hugh often rolled among women and understood women’s thoughts.

He gave Hayden a necklace, thinking that she would accept it.

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