Married At First Sight Chapter 2939

Married At First Sight Chapter 2939-Hayden picked up the brocade box, opened it, and looked at it. She then closed the box and asked Hugh, “You bought this to woo a confidante, right? It’s not the style that I like.”

She threw the brocade box back to Hugh.

Hayden added, “I don’t lack these things either. Kevin has been crazy about buying jewelry, women’s clothes, high heels, etc. in the past two days.”

Hayden didn’t lack anything. She had a lot of money. If she liked it, she could buy it, no matter how expensive it is.

The prospective mother-in-law also gave her a lot of precious jewelry.

It’s just that she’s not used to wearing it.

Even Grandma May gave her several expensive greeting gifts.

Grandma May was also rich. However, she experienced a period of decline and then regained her fortune. She collected some priceless antique jewelry. She had several daughters-in-law, and each daughter-in-law got a little share and kept a lot.

She wanted to give half of her private house to her granddaughter-in-law, who gave her a great-granddaughter.

Her husband was too rich. Even if she gave away so many things, her private house was still very rich.

Grandma May said that whoever gave her a great-granddaughter in the future would be rewarded heavily.

However, no woman who married into the York family had any hope.

The York family was famous for its monk temple. There were no daughters born for several generations.

They did not believe they were so fortunate to have given birth to a wealthy woman who was well-liked by thousands of people.

Hugh said sourly, “Sister, since you have Kevin, you no longer remember me. No matter how many things Kevin gives you, they are all his thoughts, not mine. When we are siblings, I will be the first. This is the first time I gave you a necklace, but you still refused to accept it, which hurts my heart so much. I really chose this for you, sister, not for my confidante.”

Hayden took back the brocade box in a funny manner, saying, “Okay, don’t show your face. I’ll take over the head office. I’m going to open a jewelry store instead. I can sell the jewelry you gave me and make a lot of money.”

She just talked about it and wouldn’t actually do it.

She dared to do that. Kevin could be aggressive with her, but she couldn’t deal with that guy.

Hayden had to admit that she really couldn’t deal with Kevin; that guy was very difficult to deal with.

Hayden said, “I won’t go back to the company tomorrow. I’ll leave everything in the company to you. Do it well.”

Hugh’s face immediately fell. But it’s hard to say anything. This was what he promised Kevin. If he couldn’t do it, Kevin would file a lawsuit against him in front of his parents.

Hugh, the biological son of the Queen family, did not have as much status as Kevin in front of his parents, so he was still single.

These days, older singles are disliked by their parents at home.

“Sister, where are you going to play?” Hugh asked.

“Kevin arranges the route. No matter where you go, as long as you are with him, my sister will be happy and at ease.” Hugh pouted.

Only when she was with Kevin could she let go of everything and not worry about anything going wrong. Kevin would take care of everything.

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