Married At First Sight Chapter 2940

Married At First Sight Chapter 2940-Hayden said, “I intend to cooperate with Kathryn. You take over and talk to her, but not during the day. Try to arrange to meet at night without making a big fuss. Kathryn is not here as the young mistress of the Farrell family.”

Hugh also knew that Kathryn had her own career.

No wonder Hayden admired Kathryn so much. Kathryn did not live well in her adoptive parents’ home, but she grew up tenaciously like grass. At a young age, she relied on her brains and courage to create her own business kingdom.

Hugh was a person who knew how to do business. He couldn’t blame Hayden for always trying to bring him and Kathryn together.

Even Hugh was afraid that Hayden had no intention of giving up. Because of Liberty’s appearance, it was unknown who would be in charge of the Farrell family in the future.

If Kathryn withdrew, then she could marry freely without recruiting a son-in-law.

This was what Hayden was thinking about, so her heart was burning again, and she still wanted to create opportunities for Hugh and Kathryn.

“Sister, I understand. Sister, there is someone around Kathryn.” Hugh said it clearly.

Please stop thinking about bringing him and Kathryn together.

He could admire Kathryn, but he just had no feelings for her. Besides, Kathryn had a powerful protector named Pedro Fraser by her side.

Hayden looked at Hugh and asked, “What does it have to do with you if there is someone around Kathryn? I didn’t say whether there was anyone around her. Why did you bring this topic up? Do you have any interest in her? As soon as I mentioned her, you thought of that?”

Hugh: “No, absolutely not! Sister, I really don’t like Kathryn. Oh, it’s not that I don’t like her; I just admire her out of pure appreciation, but I admire a lot of girls.”

Hayden’s face turned dark when she mentioned Hugh’s numerous confidantes.

“Hurry up and find a serious girlfriend. Even if Kevin doesn’t sue you, you can’t continue to act like this.”

Hayden acted like an eldest sister and taught Hugh a lesson.

Hugh curled his lips and said, “I also want to find a serious girlfriend, but when it comes to love, I really can’t talk about it without feelings. I don’t want to make do with it.”

Hayden: “Who told you to give in? As long as you are alienated from your so-called confidante, love will knock on the door. With you like this, people think you are a playboy; who wants to care about you?”

Hugh: “Sister, sister, let’s not talk anymore; let’s not talk about that anymore; let’s talk about business; talk about making money.”

This was why he came to see Hayden.

Hayden stared at Hugh for a while before talking about business with him.

Kathryn, who was leaving the Queen Enterprise, saw Mr. Fraser.

Mr. Fraser specially waited for her at the entrance of Queen Enterprise.

“Miss, is it settled?” Mr. Fraser asked Kathryn with concern.

Kathryn shook her head and said, “Miss Queen is not optimistic about our Farrell Group. Even if I am a little bit unfavorable to Miss Queen, it is public for public and private for private. We are afraid that we will not be able to win Queen’s project.”

Mr. Fraser said comfortingly, “Forget it if you can’t get it; we can’t just rely on Queen’s project to survive. Matriarch Farrell asked you to go to the hospital; I will accompany you.”

Kathryn did not refuse and said, “Okay, let’s go to the hospital together.”

Mr. Fraser was the person she trusted the most. He accompanied her to the hospital, and she had a companion.

If her biological father is in trouble for her, he can help.

Mr. Fraser returned to his car, and Kathryn started the car again. Soon, the two cars left the Queen Enterprise one after another and merged into the traffic outside.

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