Married At First Sight Chapter 2943

Married At First Sight Chapter 2943-Kathryn said, “Uncle and their lives are still the same.”

Kathryn knew that what Holden valued most was the future of the Janzen family.

For the future of the Janzen family, and because Holden was afraid of Matriarch Farrell’s revenge, he would choose to stay in the palace to save his life and keep his marriage. Even if he accepted it, even if he had a different dream at the same table in the future, who told him to be careless?

“That’s good; that’s good. Kathryn, although your mother’s surname is Farrell, you still have the blood of the Janzen family flowing through your body. If anything happens to the Janzen family in the future, you can’t just sit back and watch. Your uncle and aunt will not treat you badly.”

Kathryn said calmly, “They have their own jobs now. As long as they work hard and feel at ease, their lives will be fine. If there is an emergency and they need my help, I can help, and I will naturally help them.”

If she can’t help, don’t ask her to make an exception.

Holden heard the meaning behind Kathryn’s words.

He knew that Kathryn was as cold-hearted as Matriarch Farrell and had no feelings for the Janzen family.

Shiloh was the one who had feelings for the Janzen family.

Holden didn’t know how Shiloh was doing.

Holden smiled and said, “They are all honest people, and your cousins are all honest people.”

Kathryn didn’t care if they were dishonest, but they couldn’t even think about misbehaving outside under the banner of the Farrell family.

She didn’t allow others to use her as a pawn or take advantage of her.

Kathryn said, “Dad, I know.”

Holden looked at Kathryn for a long time, then glanced at Shiloh, as if he were hesitating whether to say anything. Seeing him like this, Kathryn said, “Dad, just tell me what you want to say; we are biological father and daughter. There’s nothing that can’t be said.”

Holden said, “Kathryn, actually, your mother also has someone in her heart, but that person has disappeared. Your mother recruited me just to have a few children. The person she really loves is not me.”

Kathryn’s beautiful eyes flashed, and she quickly said, “Dad, no matter whether mom has someone in her heart, the person she married is you, and she and you gave birth to several of my brothers and sisters. In the past few decades, maybe my mom has not been a qualified and virtuous wife, but she’s pretty good to the Janzen family.

Mom is a bit strict. That’s because mom can’t give you a sense of security and can’t trust you. That’s why she controls you like that. Even if mom controls you so tightly, don’t you find opportunities to cheat?”

There was someone in Matriarch Farrell’s heart that Kathryn could not imagine.

Since Matriarch Farrell had someone in mind, she still married Holden. Maybe the other party had a good family background and didn’t want to be a son-in-law, so she left. Only in this way would Matriarch Farrell marry Holden.

Holden stopped talking.

Back then, Holden was the husband of Matriarch Farrell, originally because of the benefits that the Farrell family could bring to the Janzen family.

He also thought that with his appearance, he could enchant Matriarch Farrell, saying that he could not be a political king in the Farrell family.

He was too naive.

In the past few decades, Matriarch Farrell has never let go of her guard against him. He was like a decoration in the Farrell family—dispensable.

When Matriarch Farrell was happy, Holden could be treated better.

Holden often wondered, if Matriarch Farrell and her sweetheart got married, would they get along like this?

Certainly not.

If Matriarch Farrell was good to someone, she would do so from the bottom of her heart. But that person was only loyal to her eldest sister. After the previous matriarch died unexpectedly, that person disappeared. For decades, she had been looking for his whereabouts, insisting on seeing him alive and his body after death.

She had been searching for decades, but there was no news at all.

Holden hoped in his heart that the man was dead. After all, he was not young anymore. If he were still alive, he would be in his eighties or nineties.

“Dad, do you want to take a rest?”

Kathryn didn’t want to talk about her past history with Holden.

As a daughter, even if she knew that Matriarch Farrell had a man she really liked when she was young, what would she do?

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