The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 658

Chapter 658: Bei Xuan Sect

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Ye Chen’s expression turned cold. Those people’s methods were too despicable. By injuring Bai Lixiong’s arm like this, the necrosis would eventually spread and devour his entire body.

This method of torturing people was simply too vicious!

That sect was quite famous in the Kunlun Mountains, so this was very unbecoming of them.

“Bai Lixiong, let me ask you a question. If I let you see Mu Wanning, are you sure she won’t reject you?”

Bai Lixiong shook his head.

“Mr. Ye, that’s impossible! I understand Wan Ning’s personality. She came out from the Kunlun Mountains and accompanied me for more than 20 years. Even if she left later, it was definitely because she had no choice. If she sees me, she would be willing to give me an answer even if she won’t leave with me.”

“In that case, come with me,” Ye Chen stood up and said calmly.

When Bai Lixiong heard this, his eyes were filled with fear.

He understood Ye Chen’s personality. Mr. Ye was a hot-tempered person.

Although Ye Chen had suppressed dozens of Kunlun Mountains’ cultivators at the Jiangnan Province International Airport, Mu Wanning’s sect was not ordinary, and he had experienced this for himself.

“Mr. Ye, this matter is not urgent. We can discuss it further…”

Ye Chen shook his head and walked out.

“You may have time to think it over, but I don’t.”

“In an hour, I will be going to Qingxuan Peak. On account of our friendship, I will help you this time. Just this once.”

Hearing this, Bai Lixiong knew that Ye Chen had made up his mind. He gritted his teeth and followed after him. His strength was insignificant in the Kunlun Mountains, so the only person he could rely on was Ye Chen.

If Ye Chen did not help him, he would probably never be able to see Mu Wanning.

Ye Chen naturally knew about Mu Wanning’s sect, which was the Bei Xuan sect.

The Bei Xuan sect was considered average among the many sects in the Kunlun Mountains. Funnily enough, Ye Chen had some interactions with the Bei Xuan sect.

Back then, the old man had brought Ye Chen to over a hundred martial arts sects in the Kunlun Mountains, hoping that one of them would take Ye Chen as their disciple.

After all, the Medical God sect was focused on the path of medicine, and the old man was aware of Ye Chen’s desire for revenge. He was bent on avenging his parents, so the path of martial arts was definitely the best choice.

Five years ago, the first sect that the old man brought Ye Chen to was the Bei Xuan sect.

At that time, the old man did not hesitate to lower himself and even asked the Bei Xuan sect’s elder to accept Ye Chen as a favor, even as an outer sect disciple.

However, after the fact that Ye Chen had mortal roots, he was rejected unceremoniously.

The elder even brought along many disciples of the sect to ridicule them. The elder even scolded the old man.

Even now, those words still rang out in Ye Chen’s ears from time to time.

“Only the Medical God sect would accept such trash. He’s not worthy of joining the Bei Xuan sect! Accepting him would disgrace us.”

“The Kunlun Mountains are where strength reigns supreme. The fact that you, the sect master of the Medical God sect, came personally to ask our sect to accept your disciple, shows just how much your sect has declined.”

“Get lost. You two are not welcome here. If the Medical God sect returns to its peak, then I might apologize to you.”

Ye Chen could even clearly remember how pale the old man’s face was. However, the old man merely patted Ye Chen on the shoulder and smiled.

“Ye Chen, remember Master’s words. If the Bei Xuan sect doesn’t accept you, it’s their loss, and they will regret it for the rest of their lives. I saved you from East Coin Lake because I saw your unparalleled potential.”

“Even if no one in the world believes you, I will always believe in you. Alright, let’s go to the next sect.”

It was these words that motivated Ye Chen to move forward step by step!

This time, he was going to the Bei Xuan sect not only for Bai Lixiong’s matter, but also for himself. He would repay them for the humiliation back then.

While they were lost in their thoughts, Ye Chen and Bai Lixiong arrived at the entrance of the Bei Xuan sect.

The sect looked magnificent, and a sect protection formation was active.

Above the sect, there was a golden sword, which vibrated threateningly

at everyone who approached the sect!

There were also eight Bei Xuan sect disciples with terrifying auras standing guard at the entrance. They had all at least reached the transcendent realm!

However, it might have intimidated ordinary people, but not Ye Chen.

Bai Lixiong glanced at the eight men and said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, I have gained some understanding of the Bei Xuan sect over the past few days. It is one of the strongest sects in the area. If we offend them, the consequences will be unimaginable…”

Ye Chen looked at the eight people and asked, “Which one of them crippled your arm that day? Or was it all of them?”

Bai Lixiong was about to speak when one of the disciples guarding the entrance recognized him!

The eight of them snorted and took a step forward, walking over to Ye Chen and Bai Lixiong.

Their eyes were fixed on Bai Lixiong. One of the bearded men said angrily, “You actually dared to return. I thought you were already dead, but it seemed that you survived.”

The bearded man glanced at Bai Lixiong’s left arm and was shocked to find that the aura of death had disappeared!

Could it be that he had been cured?

How was this possible?

The bearded man’s gaze fell on Ye Chen. He could naturally sense Ye Chen’s cultivation level, which was stronger than Bai Lixiong’s.

It seemed like this kid was Bai Lixiong’s helper. However, this helper was only an immortal ascension realm expert.

In his eyes, they were no different from ants.

The bearded man looked at Bai Lixiong with interest and said lightly, “Yo, I wonder what kind of trash you invited to help you?”

When Bai Lixiong heard this, his expression changed drastically. He hurriedly shouted angrily, “Don’t insult Mr. Ye!”

At this moment, cold killing intent surged from his body.

“Mr. Ye?” The bearded man burst into laughter. “What era is this? You still call someone else mister? It seems that you didn’t remember the lesson last time. In that case, I’ll cripple both of your hands today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the bearded man rushed over to Bai Lixiong and unleashed a palm strike!

However, just as he was about to touch Bai Lixiong, a figure flashed past and appeared in front of Bai Lixiong.

Ye Chen’s hand moved quickly, and he grabbed the other party’s wrist.

The violent palm strike was stopped in its tracks!

The bearded man was stunned. He had not expected this young man to be able to block his attack. He tried to struggle free, but he soon realized that he could not even make this young man’s hand budge!

He could not even move!

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