The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6773

charlie Wade said with a smile: “You always think that I cheated you, but in fact, I indirectly helped you determine the position of the first heir. As far as I know, before this, the Rothschild family had not really determined Who is the next heir?”

Steve said with a smile: “You are right… I am the first heir now, but my father has the elixir you provided, maybe he will live longer than me. It will still be a long time…”

charlie Wade said: “Steve, since we can sit together and have a drink and talk happily, I won’t beat around the bush with you. To me, who has a better life, you or your father? It doesn’t matter how long it takes, what matters is who can achieve better cooperation with me. At this stage, your father’s sincerity is much higher than yours, so I asked Helena to provide him with the elixir.”

Ye said. Chen asked again: “Do you know what your father is busy with in Northern Europe recently?”

“I know a little bit.” Steve said: “It seems that he is working on some kind of data center.”

charlie Wade nodded and said: “I asked Helena I gave him a new offer. As long as he can build an AI model for me in Northern Europe, I will provide him with another elixir. By then, his physical condition will be even better. If he can continue to Cooperate with my request, maybe at some point in the future, the two of you will have the same biological age.”

Steve was extremely depressed. It seemed that his father had already hugged charlie Wade through Helena. , in the future, if charlie Wade wants him or even the entire Rothschild family to do anything, he only needs to take out the elixir and ask Helena to send a message, and he will get a positive response from the old man. In this way, he, as the heir, may really want to be the heir. Until death.

Feeling a little desperate in his heart, he picked up the wine glass and drank most of the remaining glass in one breath. Then he looked at charlie Wade and said respectfully: “Mr. Wade, I did have some duplicity in the past, but I have become deeply aware of it. My own mistake, I beg you to show me a clear path. If I still have a chance, I will work harder. If I don’t have a chance, then I will completely calm down and stop thinking about him after I go back. “

Steve knew very well that once his father’s lifespan continued to extend and he got older, the next successor in the future would become farther and farther away from him. If he waited until his father was a hundred years old to hand over the reins, he would have already At the retirement age, for the sake of the development of the family, the old man will definitely bypass himself and let his son succeed him. It

is still good to let his son succeed him. What if he lets his younger brother succeed him? It was really finished, because by then, my own lineage would be destined to become relatives of the Rothschild family and gradually be marginalized.

Therefore, he is now willing to work hard for charlie Wade in exchange for a chance, but it all depends on whether charlie Wade is willing to give himself this opportunity.

charlie Wade smiled at this time and said: “Do you know the situation of the Fei family?”

Steve said: “Know a little.”

charlie Wade asked him: “You know that the old man of the Fei family is the same as your father, and his physical condition has obviously deteriorated a lot. After a great recovery, why are you still willing to pass on the position of head of the family to Fei Kexin?

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