The Strongest War God – Chapter 736

Chapter 736: Thousand Possibility Box, Small Pill!

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Outside the door, Lilith Jean had been waiting silently for a long time. She only came in when Braydon Neal called her.

“Young Master, someone just sent a jade box over.”

Lilith took out a wooden box. The structure was extremely exquisite.

The entire box looked like it was made of sandalwood, but there was a layer of ice jade inside.

When Braydon saw the sandalwood box, his eyes turned solemn. He stood up and said calmly, “The Mayer family’s Thousand Possibility Box!”

“It seems to be it!”

Lilith handed the item to Braydon, not daring to open it herself.

The Mayer family was proficient in mechanisms.

It was a heretical technique passed down by their ancestors.

Until now, Braydon had long thought that the Mayer’s Art of Mechanisms had been lost.

However, he didn’t expect that there would actually be someone who knew the art!

Just based on the Mayer family’s Thousand Possibility Box, he could conclude that the Mayer family’s inheritance had not ended.

“Where’s the person who sent the box?” Braydon asked softly.

“I didn’t even notice it. The person who sent the box was very likely a super pinnacle.”

Even Lilith did not notice that a super pinnacle had descended upon Mount Bliz and left behind the Mayer family’s Thousand Possibility Box. No one knew what his motive was.

Braydon slowly sat down at the wooden table. His slender fingers gently placed on the sandalwood box.

On the top of the sandalwood box was the Nine Palaces Flying Star Map, and on the side was the Four Images Eight Trigrams Map.

These patterns were the key to unlocking the Mayer family’s Thousand Possibility Box.

As for opening it by force, the Mayer family’s Thousand Possibility Box would self-destruct and destroy everything inside.

Such a method was despised by others.

Forcibly destroying it with external force was a boorish method.

Lilith’s voice was sweet and ethereal as she said softly, “Young Master, the Mayer family’s Thousand Possibility Box is ever-changing. Rumor has it that there are seventy-two ways to solve it. However, the solution has not been passed down to outsiders until now.”

In fact, Lilith wanted to say that there were probably less than ten people in the world who could open the Mayer family’s Thousand Possibility Box.

Most of the seventy-two solutions had probably been lost long ago.

“Since someone sent the Mayer family’s Thousand Possibility Box,” Braydon said softly, “there must be something special inside. As for what it is, we’ll only know when we open it!”

This was a disguised test.

The person who sent the Mayer family’s Thousand Possibility Box was testing King Braydon!

No matter what was in the box, the prerequisite was that Braydon had to have the ability to open it!

If it was in the past, with Braydon’s personality, he would not even be bothered. Who cared what it was? He would chop the box alive with one slash!

However, he couldn’t do that now.

Sadie’s injuries were extremely serious.

If Braydon were to chop the sandalwood box alive, wouldn’t that be cutting off Sadie’s path of survival?


Braydon’s fingers moved the Nine Palaces Flying Star Map. There were delicate mechanisms inside that slowly turned.

The sound of tiny gears turning could be heard softly, almost imperceptibly.

Braydon controlled his thoughts and continued to move the Mayer family’s Thousand Possibility Box for nearly a hundred times.

With a click.

The entire Thousand Possibility Box opened automatically.

Inside the box, there was an ice jade that was emitting a cold aura, and an exquisite jade bottle the size of a thumb.

The jade bottle was completely transparent, as if it was made of glass. One could vaguely see a grain-sized pill inside!

These were medicinal pills!

Its effect was ten times that of a normal pill.

In all of Hansworth, there was no one who could refine medicinal pills.

Even the Daoists didn’t have anyone who could refine the medicinal pills needed by martial artists.

This was because the inheritance of medicinal pill refinement techniques had long been broken!

Inside the Thousand Possibility Box, there were not only pills but also a black invitation letter.

Braydon didn’t even look at the invitation letter. He opened the thumb-sized jade bottle and poured out the pill. A rich fragrance filled the entire wooden house, making people feel refreshed.

There was no problem with this pill.

Moreover, the effect was probably extremely powerful.

Lilith took out the invitation letter, looked at the small words on it, and said softly, “Greetings Northern King, from Kinslee Mayer!”

He wanted Braydon to open the invitation letter personally.

However, Braydon didn’t even look at it. He accepted the things in the Thousand Possibility Box and would even give them to Sadie.

As for the invitation letter, Braydon ignored it.

“Lilith, what does it say?” Sadie chuckled.

“The Thousand Possibility Box is from the Mayer family. Let me introduce myself. The Mayer family still has six descendants. The person who sent the box is the oldest pinnacle martial artist of the Mayer family.”

Lilith held the black invitation letter and said softly.

Sadie tilted her head and said softly, “One of the hundred clothes inheritance is exclusively owned by the Mayer family. In this era, who inherited the Mayer family’s cosmos robe?”

“Kinslee Mayer. He’s from the younger generation of the Mayer family. He’s about the same age as the young master.”

Lilith responded.

There was no such information on the black invitation letter.

However, the inheritors of the hundred clothes inheritance had to go to Mount Kylo.

In layman’s terms, it was to leave information on Mount Kylo. “Why did the Mayer family invite Young Master?” Sadie asked softly.

“They have invited Young Master to head to Mount Woolas to attend the meeting of the hundred schools of thought. Ronan Quiles of Confucianism, Jamarcus Lucero of Daoism, Shane Mayer of Mohism, and so on will all be there.”

Lilith smiled playfully and stuck out her pink tongue at Braydon.

In the end, Braydon was expressionless. Lilith seemed to have realized her mistake. She lowered her head and pinched the corner of her clothes with her hands, as if she realized that she had said the wrong thing.

In fact, Lilith knew that there was a time and place for everything.

Sadie was now seriously injured. To Braydon, other than treating Sadie’s injuries, nothing else was important!

As for the Mayer family and the others who were heading to Mount Woolas.

They were the hundred schools of thought!

The various schools of thought had their own philosophies and had been fighting each other for thousands of years!

Ever since the great war, the philosophers had risen, and that was the peak of the hundred schools of thoughts.

Among the schools of thought, the ten most advantageous were Confucianism, Mohism, logicians, legalism, yin-yang, diplomacy and so on.

The strategist Guillermo Garza was an ancestor whose name had been immortalized throughout the ages.

All the martial artists in the world did not dare to forget him!

This was because one of the ten great forbidden techniques was created by Guillermo Garza.

One could imagine that in the thousands of years of history, the people who could create the ten great forbidden techniques all had legendary stories behind them.

Inside the wooden house.

Sadie said softly, “The hundred schools of thought have been attacking each other for thousands of years and reaping each other’s strengths. They have been fighting for thousands of years, but they still refuse to stop!”

“Hansworth is facing internal and external problems, yet they still want to stir up trouble on Mount Woolas.”

Lilith pouted, faintly showing her dissatisfaction. However, she obediently handed the invitation letter to Braydon.

Lilith did not share everything written on the invitation letter.

This playful girl was meticulous and smart.

Since the Mayer family dared to be so thick-skinned and invite Braydon, it meant that they had offered conditions that Braydon could not refuse!

This condition was related to Sadie!

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