Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1253 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1253

Zachary was present too. He was still haughty and cold in the eyes of outsiders, and he had an imposing aura that made everyone in the flower shop feel uneasy. Serenity did not linger and pulled Zachary out of the shop after giving him the bouquet.

The sky darkened soon after they left Spring Blossoms.

Serenity called her sister and chatted with her nephew for a while before hanging up.

Sonny waited until his aunt ended the call as he wanted to play with the phone, but unfortunately, his mother took it away.

“Mom, I want to watch Peppa Pig.”

Liberty tucked the phone back into her pocket and said, “If you want to watch cartoons, I’ll turn on the TV for you. You can’t watch it on the phone.

“You can only watch TV for half an hour.”

Sonny pouted. When he saw his mother hold the TV remote control and turn on the TV, he compromised and said, “Okay.”

After turning on the TV for her son, Liberty went back into the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for tomorrow morning.

The doorbell suddenly rang.

“I’ll get it, Mom.”

Sonny called out to his mother when he heard the doorbell and carried a small stool to

reach the doorknob.

Liberty let him open the door.

However, she still came out of the kitchen to see who came over while still holding onto the kitchen knife.

When the door opened and she saw Hank and Jessica standing in front of the house, Liberty’s expression turned cold.

Hank, who was happy to see that it was his son who opened the door, wanted to pick Sonny up. However, when he saw his ex–wife standing behind his son with a shiny kitchen. knife, he said somewhat guiltily, “Liberty, I… We’re here to see Sonny and g–give you an invitation.”

The house renovation was halfway through. He asked the contractor for the completion date and finalized the date for his wedding with Jessica.

Jessica excitedly told him to get someone to make the invitation cards, then forced him to come together to send one to Liberty.

Hank knew very well that his ex–wife no longer loved him, but he still expected Liberty to feel bitter when she received the invitation.

After all, they had known each other for more than a decade, dated for many years, and got married for a few years.

Did Liberty really not care that he was getting married to another woman?

“Liberty, we brought some food for you and Sonny, as well as some toys for him. I also bought a few sets of clothes for him.” Jessica’s attitude was very pleasant.

She wanted to prod for information from Liberty. Did Zachary find out the mastermind behind the zoo incident?

“Dad,” Sonny called out to Hank.

The little guy turned to look at his mother, then finally reached out to let Hank pick him up.

Liberty bent down to pick up the small stool, turned around to walk back into the house, and said coldly, “Come in.”

Only then did Hank and Jessica dare enter.

“Sonny, did you miss Daddy?” Hank asked his son.

“I didn’t miss Dad.”

Sonny was an honest child. He did not miss his father, so he spoke the truth.

Hank was speechless. “How can you not miss me? I’m so sad. Then, who do you miss?”


Hank’s face fell.

Did Duncan steal his son’s heart away already?

Hank was displeased and asked his son, “Why do you miss Dunc?”

Sonny said honestly, “Dunc gave me some Legos. I couldn’t piece them together, and

Mom doesn’t know how to either, but Dunc does. I want to play with Dunc.”

He wanted Duncan to teach him how to assemble the building blocks.


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