Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1256 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1256

His dad was not able to piece together the blocks earlier.

Sonny felt that Duncan was more amazing.

It was the first time he missed Duncan.

If Duncan knew that Sonny missed him so much, he would feel incredibly flattered

Liberty looked through the clothes and toys that Hank bought for Sonny, then let him open them up and play with them.

She went back to the kitchen to work, but she kept thinking about Jessica’s attitude.

It was impossible for Jessica to like Sonny because he was Liberty’s son.

Jessica’s expression always turned hideous whenever she heard that the Brown family wanted to visit Sonny.

Why did Jessica’s attitude change recently?

Not only did she not stop the Brown family from visiting Sonny, but she would also accompany Hank when he came over. Furthermore, she bought new clothes for Sonny. That was a bit odd.

Jessica might be trying to create a bond with Sonny because the Brown family was trying to regain custody of him. However, she could wait until after the Brown family got custody before trying to build a relationship with Sonny.

She also asked whether Zachary found any news regarding the mastermind of the incident at the zoo. Liberty would not be suspicious if it was Hank asking since Hank was Sonny’s father.

The more Liberty thought about it, the more suspicious she felt.

She stopped tenderizing the meat, washed her hands, and took out her phone to call Zachary.

Zachary quickly answered the call from his sister–in–law.


His voice was low. If his sister–in–law was calling him straight instead of going through Serenity, it meant there was something urgent. His expression was solemn.

“Zachary, are you busy now? Am I disturbing you?”

“No, Seren and I have gone home, and I don’t have a gathering tonight. What’s wrong?”

After hearing that he was not busy, Liberty told him about the odd feeling she had.

“Zachary, I think Jessica is a little strange. Do you think she was the one who planned the

kidnapping incident? Does she want to take Sonny away and sell him so that her child in the future will be the only one carrying the Brown lineage?”

Liberty suspected Jessica, but she would only think that Jessica’s motive was selfish and malicious. She would not have guessed that Jessica was coerced by someone or that it was another party who wanted to deal with Serenity.

“Is Jessica pregnant?”

Zachary asked in a low voice, “If you put it that way, it does seem like she’s acting odd. How was she acting the day the incident happened? Did you pay attention?”

“I didn’t notice. I was stunned at that time and didn’t see her reaction, but I remember that she didn’t say anything from the beginning to the end. Serenity told me that Jessica didn’t go with the Browns to thank her.”

Chelsea was a vile sister–in–law. It was understandable for Jessica not to want to accompany her in–laws to thank Serenity.

Jessica might appear normal when there was no suspicion on her, but once they started to question her actions, it seemed like everything she did was abnormal.

“I’ll have someone investigate her and find out if she met anyone before or after the incident.”

“Okay, tell me if you find anything.”


If they found something, Zachary would definitely tell his sister–in–law.

They were too focused on Mr. Newman and his wife.

Suspecting Jessica did not cross their minds at all.

Jessica did not have the capability to carry out such a plan, but it was possible for her to have an accomplice.

On the day they went to the zoo, the Brown family and Liberty went their own ways and explored at their own pace.

However, Jessica insisted on waiting for Liberty and the others to watch the show at the aquarium. That was worth looking into.


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