Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1257 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1257

After the call, Zachary immediately contacted Josh and told him about Liberty’s suspicion.

Josh said, “I just received some news too, and was about to tell you when you called me.”

Zachary asked in a low voice, “What news? Is it related to Sonny’s attempted kidnapping?”

“Yeah. My brother told me that he found out that Mrs. Newman had a gang leader as a godfather more than twenty years ago. However, that leader got arrested and sentenced to death. Some of the leader’s men were also convicted, but some disappeared from the face of the earth.

“I suspect they were taken in by Mrs. Newman. Those men under the leader back then were all ruthless outlaws. It was a large gang too. If Mrs. Newman took them in and made them into bodyguards, their numbers could form a large company.

“That happened twenty years ago, so it’s difficult to find out their whereabouts. It’ll take some time to get confirmation. Besides, those men are probably old now after twenty years, but they might have inducted new blood.

“Mrs. Newman was the goddaughter of that gang leader, so the men working under him treated her like he was her real daughter. If Mrs. Newman had the courage to take them in, they would swear loyalty to her. They would follow her to hell and back.”

Zachary said in a low voice, “Our suspicions were mostly on Mr. and Mrs. Newman. After listening to what you said, I’m ninety percent sure the incident was planned by Mrs. Newman. Ms. Carrie is still in detention, and Seren also sued her. She’ll be sentenced according to the evidence submitted by Seren.

“Mrs. Newman has always doted on Ms. Carrie, who is the apple of her husband’s and her eyes. They spoil her more than they spoil their son. She’s taking revenge on Seren for her daughter–it’s a pretty obvious motive.”

Josh said, “I think so too, but you mentioned Hank’s mistress… We can’t rule her out. Maybe Mrs. Newman teamed up with that homewrecker. She’s already Hank’s wife, so it’s convenient for her to follow the Brown family and keep close to Sonny. She’ll also be able to reveal Sonny’s whereabouts.

“Zachary, I’ll have someone investigate that woman. What was her name again?”

“Jessica Yates.”

“Okay, I got it. I’ll get someone to dig into her right away.”

“Don’t let her find out, and don’t alert the enemy. We have to maintain the status quo on the surface so the mastermind thinks we’re unable to discover the truth. If we treat this incident as an accident, maybe they’ll let down their guard or try to carry out another plan.”

Zachary thought that if there was evidence, he would lay out a net to lure the other party into a trap. Then, he would use the net to catch everyone. That was the best outcome.

“You don’t have to worry when I’m handling it.”

Zachary laughed. “Yes, I never have to worry when it’s you. Congratulations on your successful proposal.”

“Thanks. You must come to my engagement party.”

Zachary smiled. “Of course. We’re basically brothers.”

“Jasmine and my wedding must be before yours. I asked my mom to choose a day before May Day so I can finally hold my beautiful wife as soon as possible.”

It was already mid–March now.

May Day was only about a month from now.

“By the way, Jasmine and I are going on a honeymoon after the wedding. Give me two months‘ leave.”

“Isn’t a honeymoon usually only one month? You want to leave for two months?”

Zachary felt that two months was too long.

He would have a hard time without Josh in the company.

Josh said righteously, “We’ll be newlyweds who can’t get enough of each other. I won’t be in the mood to work. I’m afraid that my working will cost the company losses, so I want a honeymoon period of two months. If you think my holiday is too long, you can deduct it from my annual leave.”

Zachary replied reluctantly, “Fine, go on your two–month honeymoon. You can keep your annual leave for the holidays. Over the years, you’ve made the greatest contribution to York Corporation. It’s only natural that I grant you two months‘ leave since you’re getting married.”

Josh was not just his assistant in the company but also helped him with many things in private.


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