Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1258 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1258

Case in point, he just asked Josh to investigate Jessica.

He could not afford to offend Josh.

“Thanks in advance. You’re really a good boss who’s considerate of your subordinates.”

Josh flattered Zachary.

Zachary laughed. “Enough already. I don’t know you. Just go on your date and soak in the honey jar all day. Be careful not to get diabetes from all the sweetness.”

“You also soak in your honey jar all day, but I don’t see you getting diabetes. I just started, so I have nothing to be afraid of. I’m going on my date now. My Jasmine likes BBQ, so I’m taking her out to eat BBQ.”

Josh hung up the phone.

He and Jasmine often went out to eat barbecue.

“Babe, do you want some jackfruit?”

Serenity opened up a jackfruit, placed the flesh on a plate, and asked Zachary while walking toward him.

Zachary turned pale at the smell of the jackfruit.

He immediately stood up and walked away. “Honey, I don’t like the smell of jackfruit. You can eat slowly over there.”

Serenity stopped in her tracks. “You don’t like jackfruit? Then, I’ll eat it myself. Actually, it tastes quite delicious once you get used to it. I didn’t like the taste at first, but I quite like it now.”

She had not bought jackfruit since she married Zachary, so she did not know that her man did not like jackfruit.

“It stinks.”

Jackfruit was a hit or miss–someone either loved it or otherwise would think it was stinky.

Serenity did not force him and sat far away. She ate while asking him, “What did my sister say when she called you just now?”

She heard him call Liberty’s name.

“She suspects that Jessica might know the group who tried to grab Sonny, which means that Jessica planned the incident, or she teamed up with someone else.”

Serenity looked at her husband who was sitting far away. “Jessica?”

“Yeah, I told Josh to investigate her. I’ll tell you when I get news. Seren, my sense of smell is very strong. I can’t stand the stench. I’m going out in the night breeze for fresh air

Zachary got up and started heading out.

Serenity could not help but laugh. Was it that stinky?

Her mouth would taste like jackfruit after eating it, so he would not share a room with her tonight. He would sleep in the study by himself.

Jessica did not know that her big mouth during her visit to deliver their wedding invitation raised Liberty’s suspicion of her.

After Hank pulled her out of the Liberty’s home, she flung away his hand with an unpleasant expression and turned to leave.

Hank followed her and coaxed her.

“Honey, we’re still young and haven’t even had our wedding yet. We’ll definitely have children of our own in the future. Don’t tell Sonny that you’re his mother. Liberty won’t like hearing that.”

Hank added while walking, “Sonny is young, but he’s already three years old. He knows that you’re not his mom.”


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