Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1260 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1260

Chelsea swore to herself that she would never let Jessica live a happy life while she was around!

Jessica stopped, turned her head, and asked coldly, “What?”

Chelsea put down the TV remote control, got up, and walked over. She glanced at the numerous bags in Jessica’s hands. “What did you buy? There are so many bags. Spending money is the only thing you know. Hank and you are both unemployed and have no source of income now. Don’t you know how to be frugal?

“Now, everything you eat and use comes from Hank’s pocket. You worked for so long but can’t bear to spend your own money, but you always spend Hank’s money. Do you think his money grows on trees?”

Chelsea criticized Jessica for not knowing how to save money while forcefully seizing the bags from Jessica’s hands.

“Chelsea, what are you doing?” Hank asked.

Chelsea glared at him and snapped, “Can’t I have a look? Move aside. She saw me when she came in but didn’t bother greeting me at all. You spoiled her so much that she has no respect for others.

“Hank, you can’t spoil women like her. She’ll let it go to her head if you spoil her. You’ll regret it in the future.”

Chelsea scolded her brother while opening the bags to see what was inside. When she took out Jessica’s newly bought set of clothes and saw the brand, her expression turned even uglier.

She shook the clothes and accused Jessica, “Do you think you’re still eighteen? You’re a married woman. Why are you buying such bright–colored clothes? Who are you going to wear them for?

“Do you want to look for another golden goose because my brother is unemployed and doesn’t have an income now? A homewrecker like you has no shame, no honor, and no morals. You’d be anyone’s bride as long as they have money for you to spend.”

Jessica trembled in anger.

Her sister–in–law was the shameless one here.

She tried to snatch her clothes back forcefully, but Chelsea refused to let go and demanded, “These clothes are my size. Give them to me.”

“Chelsea Brown, how shameless are you?”

Jessica tugged hard but only managed to snatch a pair of pants back.

She was so angry that she cursed Chelsea for being shameless. “These are the new

clothes my husband bought for me. If you want new clothes, go to your own husband! You called me shameless? Take a look at yourself! You’re the most shameless person in this world!

“Do you think you can bully me like you did Liberty? Give me my clothes back or don’t blame me for being rude. This house is mine now, not yours. I can chase you out anytime!”

Chelsea clung to clothes she snatched and refused to let go. She would not give them back even if Hank asked for them.

She said arrogantly, “Hank is my brother. We’re siblings for the rest of our lives, but who do you think you are? Don’t you know that wives can be changed? What’s wrong with me wearing clothes that Hank bought? Hank, I’ll be taking these clothes!”


Hank was also exasperated by his sister’s scoundrelly behavior.

“Also, this house isn’t yours. My brother pays the rent, so it’s his. My parents also stay here, which means this is my maiden home. What right do you have to throw me out? Do you think you’re the lady of the house because you and Hank got married?

“I’m telling you, the lady in charge of this family is my mom. That role can’t be filled by a homewrecker like you.”

Chelsea kept mentioning the word “homewrecker“, poking Jessica’s sore spot.

Back then, it was clearly Hank who courted her first. She simply accepted his pursuit.

She was not completely at fault.

What right did Chelsea have to scold her like this?

“Get the hell out!” Jessica was furious and pounced on Chelsea. She grabbed and pulled Chelsea, wanting to drive her sister–in–law out.


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