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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1261

“Wouldn’t it be humiliating for me if I left just because you told me to? This isn’t your house. Are you paying the rent? If you are, I’ll go out immediately and never come back.”

Chelsea did not back down.

Jessica was young and used to sitting in an office. She had not much strength and simply could not compete with Chelsea.

Seeing that it was impossible to drive Chelsea out, Jessica turned and shouted angrily at her husband, “Hank Brown, can’t you see your sister is bullying me? Why aren’t you helping me to kick her out? I’m telling you now, between me and her, only one of us can stay in this house!”

“Chelsea. Jessica. Will you two just stop arguing? You might not get tired of fighting all day, but I’m sick of it.”

Hank was fed up with this state. He had no peace at home.

As soon as he got home, it was either his mother or sister quarreling with his wife–not a single day of peace.


Jessica was so angry that she slapped Hank.

Hank was stunned by the slap. He clutched his cheek and stared at her in astonishment.

“I was really blind to think that I’d be happy after marrying you! You don’t know how to protect me even when your sister and mother bully me! I didn’t want you to pay so much for the bridal gift, so I stole my documents to get a marriage license with you, but this is how you repay me?”

Jessica beat her husband, but she felt more aggrieved than he did. Tears kept streaming down her face.

What kind of family was this?

What kind of husband was this?

At first, Hank would help her when her in–laws targeted her.

However, as time went on, he slowly sided with his parents and sister.

Well, in Hank’s eyes, his parents and sister were his family. His wife was just an outsider who could not integrate into the Brown family!

At that moment, Jessica envied Liberty. Liberty divorced so easily and ended her misery.

Jessica thought that she could dominate her in–laws. Yes, she refused to be taken advantage of, but her in–laws were relentless as well, especially her sister–in–law. She had never seen such a vile sister–in–law. Chelsea had been married for almost two decades, but she was still interfering in her maiden family’s affairs.

“You b*tch, how dare you hit my brother when I can’t even bear to hit him. I’ll get even with you!”

Chelsea shrieked and swooped over to slap Jessica twice.

Jessica was caught off guard and slapped twice by her sister–in–law.

She only felt burning pain on both sides of her face. She was so furious that she lost all her rationality and tore into Chelsea.

Hank hurriedly tried to pull them apart.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown, who had gone to sleep, were awakened by the noise in the living area.

The old couple woke up to see their daughter and daughter–in–law fighting, and their son failing to pull them apart. On the contrary, their son’s actions caused their daughter to be at a disadvantage. The couple instinctively rushed to help Chelsea.

Before Liberty filed for divorce, the Brown family turned a blind eye to Hank and Jessica’s affair. No one stood on Liberty’s side. In fact, they felt that Hank was competent to pursue a woman like Jessica

The Browns were exceptionally kind to Jessica the first time she went to their house.

Jessica even told Hank that she could not understand why Liberty could not get along with his family. In her opinion, the Brown family was pleasant to get along with.

Now, she regretted it.

She followed in Liberty’s footsteps and was completely blind.

She was blind to have married Hank. She was blind to think that the Brown family was easy to get along with. This family was the best at pretending. They were also the most shameless when it came to conflicts.

Jessica lost.

She lost miserably.

After her in–laws helped Chelsea, her face was beaten black and blue, and her clothes were torn by Chelsea. If Hank had not dragged her into the room and closed the door, Jessica felt like she would have been killed in this domestic violence.

“Just keep protecting her, Hank. She had the audacity to hit you, yet you’re still protecting her. Liberty would never treat you like that in the past.”

Chelsea was still swearing at the door.


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