Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1265 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1265

“You don’t need to care about Liberty, nor do you have to find her since it’ll make you appear as having no confidence. I’ll handle her. I’m Duncan’s mother. It’s normal that I can’t accept a divorcee as my daughter–in–law.”

Mrs. Lewis was afraid that Lily would go looking for trouble with Liberty and anger Duncan, causing him to dislike her.

She added, “From now on, just focus on pursuing Duncan. I’ll take care of Liberty for you.

“I’m Duncan’s mom. No matter what, Duncan won’t fight with me.”

Lily said while driving, “Mrs. Lewis, are you going to look for Liberty now? I think Duncan just treats her son well. He didn’t seem to pay much attention to Liberty. Maybe we’re overthinking.

“Maybe Duncan simply likes Liberty’s son? I also saw what the boy looked like. He looks smart and is utterly adorable. There’s also nothing strange about Liberty renting Duncan’s store to open a breakfast diner. As long as she pays the rent, she’s just a tenant.

“Furthermore, Liberty is Mr. York’s sister–in–law, and Mr. York and Duncan are good friends. Maybe Duncan is just looking after her for Mr. York’s sake.”

Lily was cautious about Liberty, but she was not as impulsive as Mrs. Lewis who could not wait to go up to Liberty and tell her to stay away from Duncan.

“You’re too nice, Lily. It’s best if Duncan and Liberty haven’t started anything. I’ll inquire about Liberty lest she tries to have any funny ideas. You don’t have to worry. I know what to do.”

Mrs. Lewis took out her phone and took a picture of Lily.

“Why are you taking a picture of me?”

Mrs. Lewis smiled. “Because I’ll be using it, of course. Find a studio to print these photos out. Don’t worry, I won’t harm you. Later, just drop me off at All You Can Eat, then you can head to Lewis & Co. to find Duncan.”

Lily hummed and accepted Mrs. Lewis’s arrangement.

When the store had only a few customers remaining, and her son leaving, as well as after Serenity departed with Sonny, only then Mrs. Lewis walked into All You Can Eat.

The diner was not big, but it was brightly decorated. Liberty and her two workers were diligent and cleaned up the store so that it was neat and tidy.

The environment was very important for a restaurant. If a customer came in and saw good hygiene, they would be willing to stay to eat. If the hygiene was poor, guests would turn around and walk out.

Liberty met Mrs. Lewis at a business banquet before.

She had just finished eating breakfast when she saw Mrs. Lewis entering. She quickly put down her spoon and walked toward the woman.

“Mrs. Lewis.”

Mrs. Lewis did not bother to look Liberty in the eye during the banquet, but she behaved well this time and smiled at her. “I was going to the office to find Duncan, but I saw you here and decided to come in.

“I heard from your aunt that you started your own business. Did you open this breakfast diner?”

Mrs. Lewis asked warmly, “How is business?”

Liberty invited Mrs. Lewis to sit down and was just about to pour her a cup of water when the woman stopped her. “There’s no need for that, Liberty. I’m not thirsty. I just came in to have a look.”

“Have you eaten, Mrs. Lewis?”

Mrs. Lewis hummed.

Liberty knew that Mrs. Lewis was very picky. Since Mrs. Lewis said that she had eaten, Liberty did not cook breakfast for her.

“Business isn’t bad. There are companies and factories nearby, so the staff come here for breakfast before they go to work. After the morning rush, those who finished graveyard shifts would then dine here.”

Liberty smiled and told Mrs. Lewis about how the store was doing.

Mrs. Lewis nodded. “You have a good eye for deciding to open a breakfast diner here, but it’s also thanks to your cooking skills. Otherwise, business wouldn’t be flourishing. There are also many eateries on this street.”

The competition was fierce, so the owners had to rely on their skills.

Liberty said modestly, “I just make simple dishes. I’m satisfied if business is good.” “How much is the monthly rent for this store?” Mrs. Lewis asked seemingly casually.


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