Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 421 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 421

Zachary knew Serenity was not the type to scream when a man stripped in front of her. Serenity would watch with great gusto, even going as far as getting handsy.

Straightening his back, Zachary stopped trapping her between his arms in a suggestive way.

It would not work on her.

“Can you sleep by stuffing cotton in your ears?”

Serenity shook her head. “It doesn’t feel comfortable.”

She had nothing to cover her if she slept on the sofa. Zachary could not possibly tell her to sleep on the floor of the guest bedroom. The temperature really dropped tonight too.

After a brief silence, Zachary picked up his glass and headed to his room.

“You can sleep in my room.


His husky voice echoed along the breeze.

Serenity was dumbstruck.

Somehow her lashing out at him did the trick.

Zachary only stopped and looked back once he was at the front of his door. Seeing that Serenity stood still, Zachary’s face fell as he callously uttered, “You can sleep on the sofa if you mind that much.”

He then entered his room and tried to close the door behind him..

Serenity picked up her pillow and sprinted over like she was in a hundred–meter dash before putting one foot forward to block the door from closing.

Her pretty face carried an ingratiating smile. “I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all.”

Tensing his facial muscles, Zachary glared at her.

Serenity paid no heed as she bent over with the pillow against her chest and passed through from under his arm to enter his territory.

She did not get a good look at his room when she helped him wash up this morning. Now that Serenity was here for the second time, her eyes scanned around the place.

Zachary took care of the hygiene of his bedroom and washroom. His bathroom was immaculate. Nana did mention that Zachary was a little neat freak, and it showed.

After a quick tour around Zachary’s room, Serenity helped herself by climbing onto the huge bed and putting her pillow down to hog a spot. She then lay down and pulled the covers over


It felt good to have a bed to lay her head down and a blanket to ward the cold. away.

Serenity had not been down for two minutes when she sat back up again. She grabbed her pillow and put it at the foot of the bed. As Serenity was making her bed in another spot, she uttered, “Let’s sleep on each end of the bed. I’ll take the foot of the bed.”

Zachary drew close with a scowl on his face. “Are you expecting me to go to sleep with your


feet in my face?”

Serenity was speechless.

It was not like she had an athlete’s foot.

Her feet were not stinky at all.

Zachary looked rather upset. Well, it was his bed, and she was merely taking up a spot anyway. Since he was the boss, Serenity immediately retrieved her pillow from the foot of the bed and put it back where it was.

“Um… So, I’ll sleep then?”

“That’s up to you. It’s not like I’m putting toothpicks against your eyelids and forcing you to stay awake.”

Serenity was lost for words.

Judging by that stiff tone, Zachary did not seem pleased to share the bed.

His nana hogged her bed in the first place.

It only made sense for the grandson to make up for the misfortune caused by his grandmother. With that in mind, Serenity turned her back on the sour face and snuggled up in bed all in good conscience.

She thought she would have a hard time sleeping, but it only took a few minutes to drift into dreamland.

Sitting beside her, Zachary watched as she let drowsiness settle in, not knowing whether to laugh or cry about the situation.

Was she not the least bit worried he might force himself on her?

Perhaps Serenity got the impression that he was a gentleman enough to not take advantage of her since he was prim and proper with an aloof nature.

Zachary had to admit that he was not a pervert who could not keep his hands to himself. However, that was toward other women. Zachary wanted to be touchy–feely with Serenity. They had kissed, hugged, and nearly slept together before…


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