Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 422 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 422

Sighing inwardly, Zachary lay down next to Serenity.

Even if he were to take her, it should not be in such circumstances.

Serenity had to be at least willing and conscious.

Otherwise, everything would be a blur to her, and she would not know who she got in bed with. Serenity slept like a log despite the change of environment, but Zachary was a different story. He had never shared a bed with anyone before, let alone a gorgeous and hot young woman. This woman happened to be his legal wife too.

He was a fish out of water.

Amid deep slumber, Serenity even curled up against him like he was a heater.

Feeling frustrated, Zachary reached out to unbutton her pajamas, but he gave up after the first button.

He looked at the sleeping beauty before leaning over for a kiss on her lips. In the end, he defeatedly let her snuggle up against him while meditating in his mind, ‘I am in control of my body. I can do without!‘

Once he got the green light from her, Zachary was not going to hold back and would keep her from leaving the bed for three days!

With sleepiness sweeping over him, Zachary fell asleep in a daze, bearing that thought.

The couple had no idea that someone had their ear stuck to their bedroom door, listening for any sounds coming from inside.

It was a no–brainer to say that it was Grandma May.


Mrs. Lane broke the silence. Although Mrs. Lane kept her voice down, Grandma May still had a


Surprised by Grandma May’s huge reaction, Mrs. Lane stepped back in fright.

Grandma May looked at Mrs. Lane while patting her chest and reprimanding her in a soft voice, “Cecilia, why did you pop out without a sound? You scared me.”

Mrs. Lane replied, “I thought you saw me.”

Grandma May was so wrapped up in prying into her grandson’s room to notice that Mrs. Lane

came out of her room.

“Go, go, go.”

Grandma May urged Mrs. Lane to leave. “I can’t hear anything. Zack’s room must be soundproof. I pricked my ears but couldn’t get anything.”

“Is it possible that nothing happened between Mr. Zachary and the missus, that’s why you. didn’t get anything?”

Grandma May was speechless.

With her grandson’s character in mind, Grandma May dejectedly answered, “What a waste of my acting. Tonight was the perfect opportunity, but the brat didn’t make use of it. Sigh. Why do I have an unromantic grandson who just doesn’t get it?”

Serenity would be shopping for a bed at the break of dawn. It would be hard for Grandma May to trick Serenity into Zachary’s room.”

“Old Mrs. York, you can’t rush on this. You know how Mr. Zachary can be. Besides, they aren’t. in love with each other yet. They’ll consummate the marriage when the time comes without your help.”

“I just feel anxious for them.”

“Good things come to those who wait.”

Grandma May replied, “…Cecilia, you’re pretty honest, aren’t you?”

Ditching Mrs. Lane, Grandma May retreated to the room dejectedly.

Mrs. Lane mumbled to herself, “I’m an honest woman, so of course, I speak honestly.”

She glanced at Mr. Zachary’s room, thinking to herself that it was progress for Mr. Zachary to let the missus into his bedroom.

A relationship had to be built every step of the way. There were no shortcuts or a way around it.

Mrs. Lane believed Old Mrs. York worked herself up for nothing.

It took time for Mr. Zachary to hit it off with anyone. There was no point in rushing it.

Mrs. Lane returned to her room and revisited slumberland.

In a single night, Mrs. Lane dreamed about the missus giving birth to a little girl. Overjoyed, Old Mrs. York rewarded the missus with five hundred million dollars and freaked the missus.



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