Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 423 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 423

Opening her eyes, she had a full front view of Zachary‘s handsome face. Serenity was caught in a daze until last night‘s events entered her mind. She sat up and tried to tiptoe her way out of there.

After much thought, she looked back and stared at Zachary before nudging him. Zachary was lost in dreamland, but it made sense since he survived yesterday by drinking coffee. He took off work today anyway, so he should sleep in.

Although Serenity did not want to disturb Zachary, what she was doing was harassment.

With his aesthetically pleasing face right in front of her, Serenity could not help but steal a few kisses. She murmured to herself, “You have a better – looking face than mine. I would‘ve gotten it on with you if you didn‘t always have a long poker face. I‘ve got to toughen myself before I can canoodle with you.”

It took a few smooches before Serenity remembered the matter at hand. His bedroom was off–limits to her, and she was in here for a chance. While Zachary was asleep, Serenity should steal the contract and get rid of it.

Otherwise, she would always feel the odds were not tipped in her favor since he inadvertently destroyed her copy of the contract.

With that in mind, Serenity secretly rummaged through his room to find the contact while Zachary was in deep sleep. She dared not make a big commotion in case of accidentally waking him.

It was a pity she could not uncover Zachary‘s written agreement despite going to the point of checking under his bed.

There was a safe in his room that she could not open.

“Could it be in the safe?” Serenity murmured. It was only a contract. Yet, he locked it up in the safe.

She was right about him keeping the contract somewhere safe.

Following the fruitless search, Serenity carried her pillow and slipped out while it was still early and everybody was still in bed. She returned to her bedroom and pretended to be in the same bed with Grandma May the entire night.

Nana was no longer snoring.

However, it was already the break of dawn.

After a change of clothes, she brushed her teeth and got ready to go out when Grandma May got up.

“Good morning, Nana.”

Grandma May smiled. “Morning. Are you heading out?” “Yeah. I‘m going to the market for groceries.”

“I‘m coming with you.”

“Alright. I‘ll wait for you.”

Grandma May swiftly got out of bed. Ten minutes later, Grandma May did not emerge alone. The three of them, including Mrs. Lane, headed to the market together.

Downstairs, they ran into Jim.

Jim‘s natural instinct was to run to the greenery but reminded by his disguise as a designated driver, he settled down the urge to jump into a bush.

Serenity smiled at Jim and said, “Morning.”

Jim replied, “Morning. Are you going shopping for groceries?”


Jim smiled, leaving the conversation at that.

Serenity did not further the conversation and walked toward her car. She unlocked the car and let Grandma May and Mrs. Lane get in before driving them to the market.

Grandma May asked casually, “Do you know the man just now? Is he a

nelghbor?” “He lives in the neighborhood, but I don‘t know which building he‘s in. I often see him, so I guess his place must be nearby. Zachary always hires him as the designated driver when he‘s out drunk. That‘s how I got to know him.”

Jim was quick–witted and thought on his feet. He made up a good story.

Grandma May decided to inform the head of the security department to give Jim a raise.


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