Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 426 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 426

Chapter 426

Liberty did not say much to her sister. After handing her son to Serenity, she waved to her brother–in–law and the old lady before quickly riding away.

She arrived at the office fifteen minutes before working hours started.

In the beginning, it took her twenty minutes to run five laps. Now that she had gotten used to running, her speed increased slightly.

She could still make it.

After parking the bike, she locked it and started running. Liberty ran five laps around the small garden in front of the office building before going to work every day. Everyone in Lewis & Co. knew about it. At first, they watched Liberty like they were watching a show. Not two days later, some people joined the run. They sat in the office every day and barely exercised, so it was easy to gain weight. However, they were not as fat as Liberty. Running a few laps before going to work helped them to lose some weight.

Liberty spent fourteen minutes running five laps, and the last minute was spent sprinting to clock in. She went out late today, so she got a little stuck.

Fortunately, she was not late.

“Mr. Lewis.”

“Mr. Lewis.”

Her colleagues‘ voices were heard greeting someone. Duncan Lewis was here. Liberty turned around. Sure enough, she saw Duncan entering in large strides. He did not dress in a suit like Zachary did every day. He dressed normally and had never brought bodyguards wherever he went, nor made a grand show of himself or put on airs. No matter who greeted him, he always nodded in response. Liberty had been working here for a few days, and what she heard most in private was her colleagues talking about Duncan.

She learned that Duncan was the fourth son of the Lewis family, and he was still single at the age of thirty–five. She also knew that he got involved in some shady business during his rebellious phase when he was in his youth. The scar on his face was a souvenir from that time.

Due to his past coupled with his tall and fierce appearance, be looked like someone who was not to be trifled with. He did not have a girlfriend even at thirty – five, and it was rumored that the noble ladies mainly disliked him because of the scar on his face. They also disdained him for his shady past, fearing that they would suffer domestic violence after marriage.

In the company, some young female colleagues adored Duncan.

As for whether the adoration was genuine or simply directed at Duncan‘s status, Liberty did not dare speculate. After all, different people had different viewpoints.

She was just a new clerk who got in thanks to Duncan‘s grace. She was already the focus of the whole company. Everyone was polite to her on the surface, but secretly, they alienated her and tried to trip her up.

Liberty tried her best not to meet Duncan in the office.

Now that she bumped into him, she had to greet him mainly because it was too late for her to hide.

“Mr. Lewis.”

Liberty greeted him politely just like everyone else did. When Duncan passed by in front of her. He stopped to look her over twice, and asked, “Are you still running?”

“Yes, I run five laps every day before work.”

“Good. Don‘t eat junk food and eat less in the cafeteria too.”

If this woman controlled her mouth and moved her legs more, she could definitely lose weight.

Her husband had an affair and wanted a divorce.

Duncan was a man, so he knew the nature of men. He was confident that a large reason for Liberty‘s husband having an affair was because he disdained her current appearance.

If Liberty restored her original figure and one day met her ex–husband again, Duncan wondered how the ex–husband would react.

Duncan, who had always been outspoken and straightforward without little tricks, suddenly looked forward to that day.


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