Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 431 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 431

Serenity was aware of Elisa’s deep affection for Mr. York and did not want to linger on this topic lest Elisa felt upset. Thus, she quickly changed the subject.

As they chatted, Elisa talked about what she was up to now. She said, “My brother was worried that I’d think of Mr. York when I’m bored and become upset, so he gave me a task. He wants me to find my aunt.”

“Your aunt?”

Serenity did not know anything about the Stone family. She only knew that they were a family second only to the Yorks.

The only Stone family member she knew was Elisa.

“Speaking of which, my mom’s story was quite similar to your sister and you. My grandparents died early too, and no relatives were willing to take my mom and her sister in. In the end, they were sent to an orphanage where they stayed for a while. My aunt was still young, but she was cute, so she got adopted by a rich couple who weren’t able to have a child even after many years of marriage.

“My mom was left in the orphanage, but she had always remembered her younger sister. When she grew up and had the means, she started to look for her sister. It was very difficult to find someone in the past since the internet wasn’t as developed as it is now. It was easier to locate missing people with current technology and connection.

“My mom hasn’t found my aunt yet. Some time ago, we found the couple who adopted my aunt. We were all very happy and

thought that we could help my mom find her sister. Unexpectedly, when we accompanied my mom there and asked about the whereabouts of my aunt, they said they didn’t know.”

Serenity grew nervous when she heard this and asked, “How could they not know? They adopted your aunt. Did they deliberately say they didn’t know because they didn’t want your mom to reconnect with your aunt?”

Elisa said angrily, “That’s not it. One year after they adopted my aunt, they had a child of their own, so their feelings toward my aunt turned sour. They started beating and scolding her. They were afraid that if they raised her, she would compete with their own child for the family property. The couple decided to give my aunt to another couple who had no children.”

Serenity was furious when she heard that. “They adopted your aunt because they didn’t have children and only got a child after they adopted her. Your aunt brought them blessings, so they should have been nicer to your aunt instead. How could they beat and scold her? They even gave her to someone else. That’s too much!”

“They didn’t end up well. Their child grew up spoiled and leads a life of dissipation. He lost all their family assets and often scolded and beat his own parents.”

Elisa was not sympathetic at all when she saw the couple’s fate. In fact, she felt great pleasure.

“Have you found the second couple who adopted your aunt?”

“We did, but their family’s condition was bad. They felt they couldn’t afford to keep my aunt and gave her away too. When


we found the third family that had adopted her, the family had all died of illness.”

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Serenity’s heart seized as she listened.

“I don’t know where my aunt was sent to. We finally got a lead, but another dead end again. My mom is really depressed. Some time ago, my dad and I accompanied her on a vacation to relax.”

Elisa came back early because of Zachary, but her father continued to accompany her mother.

“Now, I’m helping my mom look for my aunt. If God has eyes and knows that my mom is still so concerned about my aunt, He’ll definitely let me find her.”

“Yes, you’ll definitely find her. Maybe your aunt is also looking for your mom. If you post the story about your mom and her sister online, maybe your aunt will see it and contact you.”

“My mom said that my aunt was too young to remember much when they separated. She couldn’t recall at all if there was no one to tell her.”


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