Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 433 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 433

Elisa said gratefully, “Serenity, if you help us find my aunt, you’ll be our family’s benefactor. We won’t treat you badly.”

“We’re friends, so don’t be such a stranger. I’m also thinking of my mom. If she were still alive, my sister and I would also do our best to help her find her family.”

Her mother passed away more than ten years ago, so she did not have a deep impression of her mother. Fortunately, her sister looked like her mother, so she could remember the latter by looking at her sister.

“I won’t disturb your date with your husband. Have fun and tell me when the wedding is held. I’ll be your bridesmaid.”

Elisa teased Serenity a little and took the initiative to end the


“Was it Ms. Stone again?” Zachary asked nonchalantly.

“Yes. She wanted to come over to meet us, but she changed her mind when she heard that I was with you.”

Zachary snorted coldly in his heart. ‘Good!‘

“Elisa is really a good girl, but your boss…” Thinking of Mr. York wearing a wedding ring, Serenity sighed. “I guess they’re just not meant for each other.”

“What did you two talk about? I heard you mention your mother.” Zachary changed the subject.

He did not want to gossip about himself with her.

They both walked forward shoulder–to–shoulder while


holding hands. “Serenity said she’s focusing on finding her aunt now. It’s better to have something to do, lest she thinks of Mr. York all the time.

“I didn’t know Mrs. Stone grew up in an orphanage. She had a younger sister who was adopted, but got shuttled to different families several times. Even till now, they still can’t find her


“My mom was also adopted by my grandparents, but she has no relatives looking for her. She doesn’t have memories of her early childhood either. All she remembered was that her previous adopted parents liked to scold and beat her, and she escaped because she couldn’t stand it.

“She escaped when she was only seven or eight years old. She had no way of feeding herself, so she fainted from hunger by the side of the road until she was picked up by my grandparents and they adopted her. Then, she lived a stable life, met my father and married him before giving birth to us. Both my parents knew how to earn money, and our family condition was getting better, but…”

She trailed off.

Zachary knew about all that.

“Mrs. Stone still remembers her sister, and the family is pouring money and effort to find her. They never gave up looking for her. The sister might have been misfortunate, but she was much luckier than my mother. At least there is family still thinking about her.

“My mom doesn’t remember if she had a family. Her environment was constantly changing when she was young, and she was always beaten, scolded, and starved. She had a


serious illness once and forgot everything from before she was seven or eight years old.”

Zachary held her hand tightly and said in a deep voice, “Your mother did not have relatives looking for her. Her relatives are either gone, or she was abandoned. In that era, many people did not like giving birth to daughters and threw them away.”

Serenity thought about it and said, “That’s true. If my mom was abandoned, there’s no need to look for her relatives even if they exist.”

Her mood became gloomy while speaking about her late mother. “Zachary, I want to go back to pay respects to my parents. The Hunt family hasn’t let us visit my parents‘ graves since they drove my sister and I out of town. They warned us and threatened to raze my mother’s grave to the ground if we dared visit it secretly.

“They have also relocated my parents‘ graves, so I don’t even know where they’re buried now.”

Serenity was reluctant to reconcile with her horrid relatives back home mainly because they had gone too far.

It was her parents‘ graves, but they were not allowed to visit. The sisters could not resist when they were young, but now that they had grown up, the Hunt family moved the graves without telling them so the sisters could not visit even if they wanted to.

They went so far before but now they were trying to make peace with her now. However, Serenity could not forgive them.

Zachary stopped in his tracks.

Serenity stopped too.

The couple looked at each other. Zachary clasped her shoulders and promised solemnly, “Serenity, I’ll make sure your sister and you can visit your parents‘ graves one day. You’ll also get back the house that your parents had left behind.”


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