Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 434 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 434

“That’s for sure. I’ll go to court with them to get my parents‘ house back!”

“Since you have such confidence, don’t feel depressed any more. We’re out to have fun today, so we should be happy. We’ll deal with the unresolved matters from the past one by one and solve them eventually.”

He took Serenity into his arms, squeezed her, and said gently, “You still have me. Even if the sky falls, you don’t have to worry. I’ll hold it up for you.”

Serenity did not struggle and quietly snuggled against his chest. Only after a few moments did she leave his embrace.

Her face was a little weird.

“There are many people around us.”

Zachary took her hand casually and led her forward. “We’re husband and wife, not having an affair. What are we afraid of?”

Serenity was speechless.

“It’s no wonder my sister always tells me to be nice to you.” He had already completely won over her sister.

After their sudden marriage, as the couple got along, Serenity realized that although this man had shortcomings, there were more advantages than disadvantages. Then again, everyone had their own shortcomings. She herself was also full of them.

When it came down to it, Zachary was so much better than that scumbag, Hank.


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Serenity’s already restless heart once again stirred up into a frenzy for Zachary.

She had to find an opportunity to steal his copy of the agreement and destroy it. Then, she could tease him all she wanted. When she got him then and they became a real couple, he would not mention the six–month contract


She glanced at his face, which was as stoic as usual.

Serenity sighed. ‘It’s better if I train my heart to be stronger first. Otherwise, even if I strip him naked, my fire will be extinguished immediately by his cold face.’

“Then be nicer to me.”

“Am I not nice enough to you?”

Zachary pursed his lips and said nothing.

They both gave and took as a couple. Serenity was not the kind of person who only enjoyed other people’s kindness and did not return it.

If he treated her well, she would treat him just as well.

If he did her ten favors, she would also do ten favors for him. In short, she would never owe him anything.

If he wanted her to be better to him, he had to be better to her


A couple had to work together for their marriage to be long lasting.

“Where’s Nana and Mrs. Lane? I don’t see them anymore.”


Serenity remembered Grandma May and hurriedly asked Zachary, “You’re tall and can see further. Do you see them in front?”

Zachary looked ahead and replied, “I don’t see them, but it’s fine. Nana has been here several times and is familiar with the place. We’ll call her later and ask her to wait for us in the restaurant.”

This was their own property after all. Who would be more familiar with this place besides them?

Zachary was not at all worried that Grandma May would get lost.

He dared say that Grandma May and Mrs. Lane had walked ahead so quickly on purpose.

They deliberately pushed Sonny away and walked quickly because they wanted to leave the couple alone. They wanted the couple’s relationship to improve and taste the sweetness of dating.


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