Married at First Sight Chapter 2211 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2211 by desirenovelJulian couldn’t get married even if he wanted to. After all, he couldn’t make himself a real man. Even if he was the young master of the Bucham family, he couldn’t let other people’s daughters stay widowed for the rest of their lives.

“Then take a quick look. Your mother and I are so worried that our hair turns gray. You b*stard is not nervous at all and doesn’t care. Do you want to be a bachelor for the rest of your life?”

Patriarch Bucham was so angry when he saw that his son still didn’t take out those photos to look at.

Because this son refused to cooperate, Patriarch Bucham experienced heartbreak.

Julian put on a show, took out those photos slowly, then sat down next to his father, and looked at the photos one by one.

Patriarch Bucham really worked hard for his son.

The only thing these pictures had in common was that they were all of unmarried 24-year-old girl. Some of them were fat, some were thin, some were beautiful, some were ugly, and some were just simple.

After reading all the photos, Julian folded them neatly and stuffed them back into the envelope.

“How is it? Don’t you feel anything?”

Patriarch Bucham saw his son’s calm expression, and knew that his efforts were wasted again.

He took the envelope from his son, took out all the photos from it, and looked at them one by one. Finally, he picked out a dozen beautiful ones, handed them to his son, and said, “Look at these ten photos again, I think these ten photos are good.”

“Dad, it’s the same no matter how many times I watch them. I don’t feel anything about them. Dad, let it be. Dad, since you believe so much in the master introduced by Grandma York, let’s just wait. The master said, my destined daughter is already in Wiltspoon.” “

It depends on when you can meet her.” Patriarch Bucham stared at him and scolded: “You go out every day, and you don’t get close to women, when will you meet her? If you don’t run outside, you won’t meet her. She can’t walk into our house by herself.”

Julian didn’t tell his father that he had already locked on his destined girl.

He didn’t tell his father when he didn’t find the other party.

When he found the girl and was sure that she was single and of good character, he acted impolitely.

Although he said that he had feelings for the girl on the keychain and was sure that she was the one who could save him, he didn’t lose his mind and took her as his own in no hurry.

Just like Zachary’s flash marriage to Serenity back then, Zachary wouldn’t have fallen for Serenity without examining Serenity’s character.

Marriage was a significant event in his life, so he was cautious.

The subject of the Bucham family stopped talking.


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