Married at First Sight Chapter 2213 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2213 by desirenovelMr. Bucham: “I can’t. Last time, the master said that we and the old Mrs. York are all gone, and we can’t see each other again. Please don’t look for him, even if we find him, he won’t see us. The kind of extraterrestrial experts who say they don’t see it, they don’t see it. They all pay attention to fate.”

Mrs. Bucham sighed, “Then we really have to wait.”

She didn’t know when she would have to wait for her daughter-in-law.

Mr. Bucham: “That boy doesn’t know how to look for it. Every day, he sees the head but doesn’t see the end. I don’t know what he is busy with.”

Mrs. Bucham: “It doesn’t matter, just let nature take its course. When fate comes, he will get married without us urging him. We can’t control it even if we want to.”

Their son had such a disease, and they couldn’t control it even if they wanted to.

Julian, who was still in the study, had already photographed the girl on the keychain, and asked his people to find her.

He picked up the keychain at the airport, which means that the girl either came from another place, or went to another place from Wiltspoon, so let’s look for it in Wiltspoon first.

He could look for this girl elsewhere if he couldn’t find her in Wiltspoon.

It would be simpler to locate her if he had pictures and knew how she looked.

It’s not like his father, who was like a fly without a head, would let him look at the stinky ones and treat him like a garbage dump.


After getting off work, Hayden could receive a large bouquet of flowers when she walked out of the office building. For others, it was something that made them happy. But it was bothering Hayden.

She had a headache when she saw Kevin’s cheeky and handsome face.

Queen Enterprise had also evolved into a place where Kevin could come and go as he pleased.

No one dared to stop him.

Because of her father!

Chairman Donald Queen gave Kevin a lot of face, for fear that his daughter would block Kevin at the door of the company. In the morning, he deliberately brought Kevin into the company, and told everyone that as long as Kevin came to the Queen Enterprise, should treat him as a VIP.

If anyone stopped Kevin from entering the company, don’t blame Donald’s rudeness.

Someone asked Donald: “What if Mr. Queen ordered it?”

Donald stood up to his future son-in-law domineeringly, and said domineeringly: “Listen to me!”

Everyone: “…”

No wonder Mr. York felt confident, it turned out that he was backed by Donald.

How could Donald support Mr. York?

Someone also boldly asked Donald, and Donald replied with a smile: “I admire Hank very much and treat him as my son-in-law.”

Everyone was collectively speechless again.

Hank, even if he’s gay, they seemed to accept it.

Their Chairman, Donald also said that he treated Mr. York as his son-in-law. Did this mean that Mr. Queen is treating Mr. York as a woman?

In the future, Mr. Queen was really captured by Mr. York, so Mr. Queen was the one who suffered?

Everyone couldn’t imagine how sad the scene of the proud and indifferent Mr. Queen being pushed down by the hippie-smiling Kevin was.

Mr. Queen’s suits couldn’t beat Kevin together.


Now everyone looked at Kevin with resentful eyes, but it’s a pity that Kevin had a thick skin and didn’t care.


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