Married at First Sight Chapter 2215 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2215 by desirenovelAfter a few minutes.

After finally rejecting Kevin from the car, Hayden, who thought she could leave the company like this, was stopped by her suitor again.

It’s Shiloh.

Shiloh saw Kevin pestering Hayden so bravely, Hayden was helpless.

She realized a truth: if she liked Hayden, she had to express her feelings for her and pursue her boldly.

Shiloh must work hard and show her sincerity regardless of how Hayden reacts or whether she accepts it.

She felt that she was saving Hayden from the dire straits.

Kevin was a man.

Hayden was also a man.

Two men together were never accepted by the world.

Not many blessings.

The main reason was that Hayden was not gay, he obviously hated Kevin very much.

Shiloh just wanted to follow Kevin’s path, leaving Kevin with nowhere to go. She and Hayden had different genders, and Hayden might be with her, so that she could make Kevin die.

Seeing Shiloh who was blocking her way, Hayden pushed down on the car window and signaled the security guard to come closer.

The security guard hurried over.

Hayden ordered coldly: “Please step aside, Ms. Shiloh, no matter what method you use, as long as it doesn’t hurt her.”

After finishing speaking, she closed the car window.

The security guard got the order, and immediately called his colleagues, and the two walked towards Shiloh, and they couldn’t help but support Shiloh, dragging Shiloh to the side like a dead dog.

Hayden’s private car was able to drive out of the company.

She made an appointment with the client to meet at the Greenrest Hotel, and talked about business while eating.

She couldn’t be late.

Shiloh was courting death.

Did she think she was Kevin?


Hayden was shocked.

She found that she had given Kevin countless exceptions without knowing it, and was forced by Kevin to break countless exceptions.

Hayden sighed inwardly.

She didn’t know how long she could hold on.

Facing the cowhide plaster, she really hated and felt helpless, but sometimes when she thought about it, she had other thoughts.

After all, she was influenced by Kevin.

Kevin, who failed to climb into Hayden’s car, also drove out.

Seeing Shiloh being dragged aside by the security guards, Kevin slowly pulled over the car and stopped.

Then get out of the car and walk towards Shiloh’s car.

Shiloh was dragged aside by two security guards like a dead dog, her face was livid with anger.

No one had ever dared to treat Shiloh like this to her!

Shiloh, who was trained by the head of the Farrell family as her successor and had been a young lady in the Farrell family for more than twenty years!

How dared the watchdog do this to her?

Did they really think that she was not the real daughter of the Farrell family, so they just let others bully her?

They must know that she was the one who bullied Kathryn at the Farrell family mansion. Kathryn, the real daughter of the Farrell family, was just a piece of mud that couldn’t support the wall. It was still unknown who the adoptive mother would succeed as head of the family.

These people couldn’t wait to make a fool of her!


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