Married At First Sight Chapter 2862

Married At First Sight Chapter 2862-Julian smiled guiltily and said, “I went to the martial arts gym, and she said she had something to do. I thought she had gone home. Auntie, is there anything you need my help with?”

Mrs. Caron walked to the sofa and sat down, took out the TV remote control, turned on the TV, and said, “We’re going to have hot pot tonight. The ingredients are all ready. There’s nothing more to do. Julian, come over and chat with me.”


Julian was happy to chat with his future mother-in-law. If he behaves well, her mother-in-law will like him more and more.

He went to pour a glass of warm water for Mrs. Caron and then sat down opposite her. With a warm smile on his face, he asked with a warm smile, “Auntie, what do you want to talk about?”

“Let’s talk casually; talk about home life; talk about children; that’s all a housewife like me can talk about.” Mrs. Caron put down the TV remote control, looked at Julian, and suddenly asked, “Julian, you have not been in love or married in your thirties. Are your parents very demanding? They don’t like the girls you like, so you are angry and don’t want to fall in love and get married?”

Julian’s black eyes flickered. Mrs. Caron rarely asked him this question, but suddenly… Kiera was back, and the mother and daughter were talking. Kiera might have told her mother about his sudden confession.

Is it Kiera or Mrs. Caron who is worried that the front door of his Bucham family is difficult to enter?

“Auntie, to tell you the truth, my parents are very anxious. The only requirement they have for me is that the person I want to marry must be a woman. As long as I am willing to get married, they will be happy. Their requirements for their daughter-in-law are really not high. “

Mrs. Caron: “To put it this way, when you really meet a girl you like, but she is not the type your parents like, their attitude will change. People are like this. They want it when they don’t have it, and they want it again after they have it. The better ones will be picky in all kinds of ways.”

The human heart is never satisfied and always wants more and better.

Julian was silent. He raised his head and looked upstairs. He seemed to see someone shrinking back. He knew that Kiera was eavesdropping upstairs.

“Auntie, other people’s parents may be like that, but my parents are not like that. There is something that I have been hiding from everyone. I am embarrassed to say it. In fact, I am sick. It is because of my illness that I am 30 years old. Many of them are still single.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Caron’s eyes widened, and she looked Julian up and down in disbelief.

Kiera, who was hiding upstairs and eavesdropping, was also stunned.

Is Julian sick?

Because he was ill, he did not get married in his thirties.

Is it inhumane?

Or is it a terminal illness with a short life expectancy?

But Julian didn’t look like someone suffering from a terminal illness.

That meant he was inhumane.

Mrs. Caron came to her senses and asked, “What’s wrong with you? You look very healthy. You don’t look like a patient, no matter what.”

Julian: “Auntie, Kiera is upstairs, right? I want to confess everything to her.”

Mrs. Caron nodded instinctively.

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