Married At First Sight Chapter 2864

Married At First Sight Chapter 2864-Julian nodded. “Yes, that’s why I haven’t gotten married because I don’t respond to those women. I can’t marry someone back and be a widow just for my own sake, right?

My family was also very anxious and arranged countless blind dates for me. I didn’t want to go on blind dates anymore, so they showed me pictures of girls, hoping that one of them would make me react.

As long as I look at a girl a few more times or say a few words to her, my parents will think that I like them, which makes me extremely helpless. In the end, I have to stay away from women to prevent my parents from misunderstanding.

Kiera, I was prepared to be a bachelor all my life. Who knew that at the airport in Wiltspoon, I picked up a bunch of your keys? There was a small photo on the keychain. I saw you in the small photo. I want to kiss you inexplicably; my heart beats faster, and I even blush quietly.

This feeling has never happened to me in the past 30 years. I think it is a heartbeat—a normal man’s reaction.

You are the only person in this world who can save me and turn me into a normal man because you are the destined daughter that God set up for me.

Kiera was stunned for a while while listening to it with relish, as if she were listening to a story.

If she hadn’t been the heroine of his story, she would have actually thought she was listening to one.

“Kiera.” Julian took one of Kiera’s hands and said seriously, “Kiera, what I said is true. I really fell in love with you at first sight. I won’t ever again succumb to temptation from a woman in this life besides you.

You need not be concerned that I am merely attempting to be different or that my perspective is shifting. This kind of thing will never happen to me because I am a sick person, and only you can cure my illness.

You don’t have to worry that my parents don’t like you. You really don’t have to worry. In fact, they have known about your existence for a long time and have always supported me in getting close to you and cultivating feelings with you. It’s just that I was a little stupid and got along with you. For such a long time, I haven’t dared to confess to you.

I’m not afraid of you laughing at me, so I still called my cousin, Josh, to ask for advice. He told me that if I love you, I have to confess to you. I want you to know that I love you. Let you know, I don’t want to be your buddy; I just want to be your boyfriend and your future husband.”

Julian said it very sincerely.

Kiera had no doubts about his words.

She believed that Julian would not lie to her. Although she didn’t understand apathy, she believed that Julian didn’t need to lie to her.

Kiera asked, “Where are my keys?”

Because she did drop a bunch of keys when she was in Wiltspoon, and the bunch of keys did have a photo of her on it, and she carried it with her.

After she dropped it, she searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. It turned out that Julian had picked it up.

“I keep it here with me all the time. When no one is around, I will take it out, look at it, and secretly kiss you in the photo.”

Julian took out a bunch of keys. There was also a photo of Kiera on the keychain.

Kiera got the key back and confirmed that it was indeed hers.

When she heard that no one was there, he took it out to look at it and secretly kissed her in the photo. Kiera’s face turned red inexplicably.

Julian was kissing her photo, and she felt like he was kissing her face.

“Did you find me through this little photo after you found my key?” Kiera asked him.

Julian nodded honestly.

“So, you’ve investigated me?”

If Kiera couldn’t figure it out, she is a fool.

Julian had a lot of money. If he asks someone to take her photos and investigate everything about her, he will definitely get results that satisfy him. Then, he will… He said that she is his savior, and he is so close to her.

She helped him on the streets of Wiltspoon late that night. Was it by chance or a drama arranged by him?

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