Married At First Sight Chapter 2866

Married At First Sight Chapter 2866-Julian added, “I know that marrying me as your wife may involve unpredictable dangers, but I will do my best to keep you safe. I will not let you be bullied or suffer any harm.”

He was the young master of the Bucham family and the future head of the Bucham family. If he couldn’t protect his wife, he would not have the face to take over the Bucham family.

Kiera instinctively said, “I’m not afraid that you will implicate me. As long as you and your family don’t do anything illegal, your power will depend on your ability.”

She had the ability to protect herself.

Julian said quickly: “We will not engage in illegal activities such as mu-rder, ars-on, smug-gling, etc. We are all thinking about the long term. How can we do illegal things to seek death? Isn’t that asking for death?

Grandma York said that if our Bucham family dares to do anything illegal, she will be the first to spare us. Our Bucham family has some connections from Grandma York.”

The relationship between the Bucham family and the York family is so good, and they were inseparable from Grandma York.

That’s the main reason.

The second thing was that the younger generation had become brothers and friends, and they had a strong friendship.

Especially Bucham and Zachary, they were extremely strong buddies.

“Grandma York? She is a very good person.”

Kiera met the old lady and liked her very much.

Julian smiled and said, “If you don’t mess with her, she’s a super nice old woman. If you mess with her, she can make you unable to live or die.”

Kiera: “Who told you to mess with her? Who is not like this? It would be strange not to get angry when someone p!sses her off.”

Julian smiled and stopped answering.

He didn’t like to get close to Grandma York anyway, for fear that he might accidentally become the fruit of her happiness.

But when he saw Grandma York, he pretended to be closer to her than his own grandson and coaxed Grandma York, just because he was afraid that Grandma York would punish him on a whim. Of course, he still respected Grandma York very much.

“Except for what you said, there is nothing you can hide from me anymore, right?”

Kiera was not particularly angry about Julian’s confession, as it was within the scope of her acceptance and understanding.

If Julian kept lying to her until she found out, she would be very angry and feel that he had been treating her like a monkey.

Now that they had not known each other for a long time, she was not so angry when he confessed everything to her.

Julian shook his head repeatedly. “No more, no more; I just hid this.”

From the beginning, he appeared in front of her as a big CEO, and he didn’t hide the fact that he was a rich man from her.

“You can let me think about emotional matters, okay?”

Kiera needed some time to digest what happened tonight.

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